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    Here is the first video posted on YouTube 11 years ago

    All web giants started small, this is also the case with YouTube. Created 11 years ago, February 14, 2005 to be exact (yes, we're getting old). We found the very first video posted on the video platform, a few weeks later, on April 23, 2005 to be precise. You will see, we are far enough from the big show!

    For those who don't know, YouTube was not created by Google. The search giant simply bought it on October 9, 2006 for the modest sum of 1,65 billion dollars and a few cents, just one year after its creation. But YouTube first came to life thanks to one of its founders, Jawed Karim, who in February 2005 posted the first video, showing it to the San Diego Zoo to admire the elephants (and hear the goats if you prick up your ears).

    Only 35 million views for the San Diego Zoo video

    We are quite far from the clips of Lady Gaga or the Gangnam Style of Psy which holds the viewing record on YouTube, but with 35,1 million views, the first video is doing honorably, especially when we see the duration and the content Jawed posted at the time. Today, YouTube has met the success it was given and is the second largest content search engine after Google.

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    In 11 years, essential channels have been born and new videos have broken records. We leave with the top 5 videos and YouTube channels since its creation. Do not hesitate to give your opinion on this video which has entered the history of the web.

    The 5 most watched videos of all time

    1. Gangnam Style, by Psy – 2 views, published on January 715, 000
    2. Roar, by Katy Perry – 1, published September 692, 000
    3. Dark Horse, by Katy Perry – 1, published February 635, 000
    4. Baby, by Justin Bieber – 1 views, published on February 511, 000
    5. Party Rock Anthem, by LMFAO – 1, posted March 214, 000

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