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How to activate audio on Fortnite PC

Generally, users who have problems withturn on audio on Fortnite they are the PC ones, since on this platform there are more variables in play and therefore various problems can arise.

To activate the basic audio of the game, just start it, enter the main screen of the mode Battle Royale, press the ☰ button at the top right and select the option SETTINGS.

Afterwards, you have to press onspeaker icon, in order to access the audio section of Fortnite, set the options Music, Sound effects, Dialogues, Voice Chat e Sequences on the values ​​you want, using the appropriate bars, and click on the button Apply, for the changes to take effect.

If everything works correctly, already returning to the menu main you should hear gods sounds. If this does not happen, make sure that your playback device, such as the breakage, is properly connected to the computer, and that the system sound of the computer is enabled.

To do this, just take a look at thespeaker icon present in the Windows notification area (bottom right, outside the game), click on it and to enable the sound, in case of need. For more details, you can check out my guide on how to increase PC volume.

In case the audio still doesn't work, your computer probably has a problem related to the sound, perhaps related to the driver of the sound card. The causes could be multiple, so I can not help but direct you to my tutorials that can help you analyze and potentially solve the problem.

In particular, I invite you to take a look at my guides on what to do if PC audio is not working and how to restore PC audio. You will see that, with a little effort, you will return to playing Fortnite without too many problems, if it is a software problem.

In case of a broken sound card, sorry, but you will need to take the computer for service or, if you have the skills, buy a sound card and mount it in the PC (if possible).

How to activate audio on Fortnite PS4

Fortnite is also played a lot on consoles, first of all PlayStation 4. So let's see how to solve the sound problems also on this platform.

I would like to say that to give my example I will examine the PS4 version of the Epic Games title, but in reality the procedure that I will show you does not differ much from the one to be put into practice on other consoles, so if you want to know how to activate audio on Fortnite for Xbox One o how to activate audio on Fortnite for Nintendo Switch, read on and you should be able to figure out the situation.

Well, to get started, start the game and go to the main page for the mode Battle Royale. After that, press the button Options of the pad and select the voice SETTINGS.

At this point, using the button R1 of the controller, moved to the tab linked to thespeaker icon, to access the settings related to Music, Sound effects, Dialogues, Voice chat e Sequences. You just have to increase the respective values ​​using the directional arrows of the pad, and when you're done editing, press the button triangle controller to apply them.

Now you just have to go back to main menu to verify that the audio is working. In case this doesn't happen, try going to the menu Settings> Sound & Display> Audio Output Settings PS4 and try to change the option Main exit.

If that doesn't work either, you may want to try to identify any problems with your TV or audio system - to do this, first try connecting a pair of headphones to your PS4.

If you notice that the audio via headphones works, check the audio system of the TV a little: trivially, try to see if the speakers or the home theater system you connected to it are turned on and connected correctly; then check the volume level and, if you have a Smart TV with Bluetooth, check that the problems do not depend on the connection of any soundbar or Bluetooth speaker: you can try to disconnect them and see if the sound passes through the speakers built into the TV.

Unfortunately, the variables involved are many and I cannot help you more precisely: do all these tests and, sooner or later, you will identify the cause of the problem.

How to activate audio on Fortnite for smartphones and tablets

The procedure for activate audio on Fortnite for smartphones and tablets it does not differ much from what I have illustrated in the chapters relating to PC and console.

In fact, all you need to do is start the game, log into his main screen, tap on the ☰ icon located at the top right and press on the option SETTINGS.

At this point, tap onspeaker icon present at the top e increase, if needed, the volumes related to Music, Sound effects, Dialogues, Voice chat e Sequences. You can do this by swiping your finger over the appropriate ones bars.

To make the changes effective, just tap the button APPLY, present at the bottom right. To test audio, you can try switching back to main menu of Fortnite.

How to activate the microphone in Fortnite

How do you say? You have no problems with the game audio, but with the microphone related to voice chat? No problem: I'll explain immediately what you can do.

Well, in this case there is a special option that allows you to activate your microphone. To access it, launch Fortnite, go to the main menu of the mode Battle Royale, press the ☰ button (or press the appropriate button on the controller, for example Options on PS4) and select the option SETTINGS.

At this point, move to the tab marked by thespeaker icon, set the option Voice Chat su Yes and press pulsating Apply, to confirm the changes. Also remember to set a certain volume for voice chat (on mobile, just swipe from left to right above the bar). Perfect, you can now properly use voice chat within the game.

On PC, you may also be interested in changing the option Voice chat method, so that others always hear you and not just when you press a special button. In fact, by default, this option is set to Press and speak. For the rest, I have made various specific tutorials, which I invite you to consult, from the one on how to talk on Fortnite for PC to the one on how to talk on Fortnite for PS4, passing through the guide on how to talk on Fortnite for Nintendo Switch.

In short, you shouldn't have any particular problems activating the microphone within the game. If, on the other hand, simply activating voice chat doesn't work, you might want to take a look at my tutorials on how to test the microphone and how to activate the microphone on PS4.

How to activate audio on Fortnite

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In order for the voice chat to work directly you only need to connect a microphone to the console or computer, you must go to the game options, settings and audio, and in the option that says "press to talk" you must deactivate it.
It is also possible on computers to use the voice chat by pressing a key.
17 june two thousand eighteen

On-screen pictogram On most HDR-capable TVs, when you are watching HDR content, a pictogram will appear on your screen, signaling that the technology is enabled and is compatible with the image you are viewing.
26 Oct two thousand twenty-one

Accessing the Samsung Connected TV hidden menu With the TV turned off, press the following key sequence on the remote control: Mute + 1 + eight + two + Power (or Info + Menu + Mute + Power).

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