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How to activate the turbo on GTA

Preliminary information

Before finding out in detail how to activate the turbo on GTA, I think it might interest you to have a general picture of how to manage this feature within the famous Rockstar Games title.

Well, in GTA Online/GTA 5 there are two types of turbo (also called nos, nitro or boost): that classic which must be activated Manually and that passive which, instead, is simply an increase in the acceleration statistic.

This feature depends on the vehicle being considered. Generally speaking, most vehicles have a passive turbo, but there are vehicles like the Oppressor MK II which instead have a speed boost by default that the user must activate manually, similar to what happened with nitro. in GTA: San Andreas.

In short, it is always good to understand what kind of turbo your vehicle is using. In any case, don't worry: the goal of this guide is to analyze the topic as much as possible, so below I will proceed with explanations and practical examples about.

How to activate the turbo on GTA 5

After giving you a general understanding of the types of speed boosts present in GTA Online / GTA 5, I'd say it's time to take action. Below you will find all the relevant information.

How to activate the turbo on GTA 5 Online

GTA Online, aka GTA 5's online mode, has been the focus of several updates over the years. For some time there has been a "mystery" surrounding the possibility of using a "speed boost", as it was not well understood whether Rockstar Games intended to implement it or not.

In the end, the developers have never released a feature that can turbo all vehicles, but various updates have introduced specific vehicles with "speed boosts", which can please those looking for that kind of experience.

One of the most interesting vehicles is theOppressor MK II. This is a very expensive flying bike (usually $ 3.890.250) that is a bit of every GTA Online player's dream, as pretty much everyone is aiming for it. For more details on how to get this specific vehicle, I recommend that you check out my tutorial on how to modify the Oppressor MK II.

In any case, to use the "Speed ​​boost" once you are in the saddle of this vehicle, simply press the appropriate button button (the key to use is X su PS4, X o E su PCwhile on Xbox One è A). In short, the Pegassi Oppressor MK II, introduced with theespansione After Hours del 2018, has a sort of "turbo" to be activated manually.

Then there are other vehicles that have a special ability called KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), originally introduced with theHits update of 2015 and revived with in the context of a update minore of 2020 tied to that Diamond Casino and Resort released in 2019. This special ability, only available on certain vehicles, is very reminiscent of the nitro from previous GTA chapters.

Among the vehicles that support KERS we find motorcycles Principe Lectro e Dinka Vindicator and cars Ocelot R88 e Progen PR4. The key to use to activate the “speed boost” is L3 su PS4 (left analog pressure), LS su Xbox One e X (o E) on PC. Incidentally, this special ability recharges when you leave the accelerator.

Another type of "turbo" to be activated manually is the one introduced byArena War update, arrived at the end of 2018. In fact, the vehicles included in this update have what is called Shunt Boost, Or a speed increase to the right or left.

In this case, if you are wondering how to activate the turbo on GTA 5 PS4, you need to know that you need to hold down the key X and then use L1 o R1 to choose where to move the vehicle. On Xbox One the buttons are instead A e LB/RB, while on PC it is X (o E) is left / right mouse button. THE boosts related to the boost can be purchased inside theArena Workshop, which is the property that allows you to modify Arena War vehicles.

For the rest, there are gods “boost normali”, which function essentially identical to that described with the Oppressor MK II, which can be purchased through theArena Workshop through changes for vehicles such as the Vapid Apocalypse Imperator.

We must not forget the Coil Rocket Voltic, introduced in 2016 with theImport / Export update. It is a futuristic car that has a turbo which works in much the same way as the Oppressor MK II.

Another boosted vehicle is the Grotti Vigilante, which arrived in 2017 with theSmugglers update. Then there are Pegassi Oppressor, added with theArms trafficking expansion in 2017, and the Declasse Scramjet (arrived with theaggiornamento After Hours of 2018). I buttons to activate the "speed boost" vary from vehicle to vehicle, but if you try the ones I showed you earlier you shouldn't have any problems whatsoever.

Small curiosity: in GTA Online there are 2 other very interesting vehicles, namely the Deluxo (car able to fly introduced in 2017 with theexpansion The coup of the apocalypse) and the Imponte Ruiner (car capable of jumping and landing with a parachute arrived in 2016 with theImport / Export update). To use the unique features of these models, generally i keys involved are X (PS4/PC), E (PC) or A (Xbox One).

For the rest, as mentioned in the introductory chapter, the most vehicles on GTA Online can be changed with a passive turbo. In fact, by going to a Los Santos Customs, among the various modifications the one called proper appears Turbo. This can be a bit confusing, as some might think it's the same boost as the aforementioned vehicles.

In reality, this change simply affects the acceleration statistic of the vehicle involved, so you don't have to press any button to use it: simply, a vehicle modified in this way goes faster than it would by default.

How to activate the turbo on GTA 5 Story

How do you say? You would like to activate the turbo in the Story mode of GTA 5? Well, in this case you have to know that the chances are less than in GTA Online.

In fact, practically all of them Online Mode vehicles introduced via updates are missing from the GTA 5 offline experience. Also, although there are vehicles like the Dinka Vindicator, their "speed boost" doesn't work.

Put simply, in the story mode of GTA 5 it is only possible to have the passive turbo, that is the one that increases the vehicle acceleration statistics (so you don't have to press any key to use it). You can buy it by going to any Los Santos Customs and is called own Turbo from the game.

In short, now you know everything you need to know about the possibility of activating the turbo in the Rockstar Games title. Since you are a fan of this game, I would recommend that you take a look at the page of my site dedicated to GTA, where you can find multiple tutorials that might be for you.

For example, you may find my guide to the best vehicles in GTA Online interesting, where you can find different ideas for your play sessions.

How to activate the turbo on GTA

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