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    How to activate CartaFRECCIA

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    How to activate CartaFRECCIA

    activate ARROW Card Membership of the TrenIn your languagea loyalty program is required by registering on the website of the well-known railway company. The registration procedure takes a few minutes and allows you to receive your card in digital format for free.

    To request your CartaFRECCIA, connect to the TrenIn your languagea website and click on the item Reserved Area present at the top right, then presses on the option Subscribe and fill out the registration form. Then enter your personal data in the fields Your name, Last nameCountry / Territory of birthCounty of birth, birthplaceTax code, Gender and indicate your date of birth using the drop-down menus under the items Day, Month e Year.

    In the Your document, indicate the details of your identification document choosing between Identity card, Passport e Guida patent. Then enter the data of the chosen document in the fields Document numberRelease day, Month of release e Release year, indicate the deadline in the fields Day, Month e Year and the release agency in the fields Ente, Province of issue e Municipality of issue.

    Now, enter the username and access key to be associated with your TrenIn your languagea account by entering them in the fields UserID, PasswordRepeat the password, then enter your address in the fields Province, Common, Piazza way, Address, Street number e POSTAL CODE. Finally, type your contact details in the fields Email e Mobile Phone.

    How to activate CartaFRECCIA

    If you wish, you can provide further information in the non-mandatory sections To know each other better, in which you can indicate your profession, your qualification, the frequency of your trips, etc., while in the section Choose services you can indicate the services you wish to join, such as taking part in online surveys and surveys.

    If you have a promotional code or of an friend code, enter it in the appropriate fields in the box Promotions and invitations, then put the check mark next to the item I agree or there voce I do not give consent to receive information material or not. Then put the check marks required to accept the terms of service and click the button Confirmation.

    In the new open page, check that the data previously entered are correct and press the button Confirmation. Within seconds you will receive an email containing an activation link: visit it within three days to complete the registration and join the CartaFRECCIA program.

    Alternatively, you can download the TrenIn your languagea application for Android devices and register from smartphones and tablets (the app is also available for iOS but does not allow you to create new accounts). After downloading the app from the store of your device, start it and tap on the icon of thelittle man present at the top right, then presses the button Subscribe and enter your data in the fields Your name, Last name, Tax CodeEmail, Mobile phone e Password.

    Choose whether to give consent or not for the sending of informative material and questionnaires, put the check mark to accept the conditions of the service and tap the button Continue. On the next screen, check that the data shown is correct and press the button Confirmation to receive an email containing an activation link: visit it within three days to activate your account and receive your personal code.

    You must know that by registering through the TrenIn your languagea application, your profile will not be complete and to use the CartaFRECCIA services, you will have to enter the missing information by accessing the desktop version of the TrenIn your languagea website. Then log into your account and click on the item Complete your details present in the box on the left.

    Activate ARROW Card

    How to activate CartaFRECCIA

    After creating a TrenIn your languagea account and joining the program Cartafreccia, your loyalty card is already active and ready to use. You will start accumulating points from your next trip, by entering the personal code received by email when purchasing the ticket.

    You must know that from 14 April 2018, the shipment of the card in physical format is no longer foreseen. If you signed up for the CartaFRECCIA program after this date, you can print a hard copy by logging into your account. Connected, then, on the TrenIn your languagea website, click on the item Reserved Area, enter your login details in the fields UserID e Password e pulsing sul pulsating Log in. Now, locate the box Receive assistance e fai clic sull'opzione Paper Arrow Print to download your map in PDF format.

    Alternatively, by downloading the TrenIn your languagea application you can have your cartaFRECCIA always at hand. Start the TrenIn your languagea app and tap on thelittle man present at the top right, enter your login details in the fields User / Code e Password e pulsing sul pulsating Log in. On the main screen, tap the button Cartafreccia to view your card details, such as Number, Status e Sale.

    Activate prepaid CartaFRECCIA

    How to activate CartaFRECCIA

    The CartaFRECCIA, in addition to being used as a loyalty card that allows you to accumulate points and take advantage of numerous services, can also be used as a prepaid card to pay for your purchases and withdraw cash, like a real payment card. For activate prepaid CartaFRECCIAHowever, it is necessary to reach a minimum points threshold and carry out a first recharge.

    If you have already joined the CartaFRECCIA loyalty program, to receive the physical prepaid card at home you must first make sure that you have reached the minimum threshold of points required. In fact, to use your card as a payment card, you must have reached one of the required statuses.

    • Silver: is the status that is activated with 1.000 points. In addition to the prepaid function, it allows access to additional services such as entry into the FrecciaClub network, access to Fast Tracks in the Milano Centrale and Roma Termini stations and an additional 10% points accumulation for each journey.
    • Gold: with 3.000 points you are entitled to the Gold status which allows you to have all the advantages of the Silver status but with an accumulation of 25% more points.
    • Platinum: is the maximum status that is activated with 7.500 points. It allows you to use CartaFRECCIA as a prepaid card, to access FrecciaClub, to have an accumulation of 50% more points and to access exclusive services, such as the dedicated and free call center and access to the meeting room on board the Frecciarossa.

    Upon reaching one of the indicated thresholds, you will receive the prepaid CartaFRECCIA free of charge directly at home. If you have reached a status between Silver, Gold and Platinum and want to monitor the shipment of the card, connected to the TrenIn your languagea website, click on the button Reserved Area and enter your login details. Now, scroll down the page and press the option Check shipping card present in the box Receive assistance to view the card shipping status.

    After receiving your CartaFRECCIA, to use it as a payment card, you must proceed with the activation by making a minimum top-up of 25 €. The first top-up operation must necessarily take place by bank transfer from an account in the name of the CartaFRECCIA holder or at a SisalPay sales point.

    To activate by top-up by bank transfer, you can go to the bank with an identity document or carry out the operation via home banking. In both cases, you will need to indicate theIBAN printed on the back of the card and enter your first and last name as Beneficiary, while you can leave the field blank Reason for payment. You must know that a commission cost of 2 euros is applied to the top-up by bank transfer and that the maximum amount of a single top-up must not exceed 1.000 euros.

    If, on the other hand, you prefer to top up at a point of sale SisalPay, contact the receptionist and provide the requested data. Remember to bring your tax code with you which will be required to complete the top-up. You can make a maximum of two top-ups per day and for an amount not exceeding 200 euros. Each single top-up has a commission cost of € 2,50.

    In conclusion, it will be useful to know that if you do not intend to use your CartaFRECCIA as a prepaid card, you can simply use it as a points collection card. If you change your mind, you can activate the card with the payment function at any time by following the instructions provided above.

    How to activate CartaFRECCIA

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