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    How to activate Chi è di TIM

    Costs of Who is of TIM

    How to activate Chi è di TIM

    Prima di enter the live of this tutorial and spiegarti how to activate Chi è di TIM, let me explain to you exactly what the service in question is for and, above all, what are the recurring costs to be incurred.

    Chi è di TIM is a subscription service that allows you to view the calling number on the display of your telephone before answering. It works for calls from any operator's fixed or mobile network, as long as the calling number is not reserved or technically unavailable.

    It is only available for i fixed line customers and, as you can imagine, it needs a phone with a display. As for costs, it has a recurring price of 4 euro / month and, in case of second thoughts, it can be deactivated at any time.

    How to activate Who is of fixed TIM

    After the necessary initial premise, you are ready for activate Chi è di TIM fixed. You must know, however, that it is not possible to do this independently by accessing your MyTIM area: to request activation of the service in question, you must contact the commercial department of the famous cittàn telephone company or go in person to a TIM store. Find everything explained in detail right below.

    Number to activate Chi è di TIM

    How to activate Chi è di TIM

    The prima soluzione che puoi prendere in considerazione per activate Chi è di TIM is to call the customer service of the famous telephone company and press the suggested key combination to speak with an operator in the sales department.

    To proceed, then take your phone, dial the number 187 and start the call. After hearing the welcome message, press the key 1 to access the section relating to commercial advice and press the button again 1 to get more information on your offer and receive new proposals. At this point, wait online to speak with a TIM operator to whom you can ask for the activation of Chi è di TIM.

    Since the combination of keys to press after calling TIM customer service is subject to variations, I advise you to carefully follow the instructions in the guide to avoid making mistakes.

    If you change your mind, you can deactivate the service in question at any time by calling the 187 and getting in touch with a TIM operator in flesh and blood. To find out more, I leave you to my guide on how to disable paid services for fixed TIM.

    Enable Who's by TIM in the store

    How to activate Chi è di TIM

    You prefer enable Who's from TIM in the store? In this case, connected to the official TIM website, allow the browser to locate it (or, alternatively, enter your address in the appropriate field and click on the icon magnifying glass); then press on the item Store type and check the option next to the option TIM shop, in order to view the TIM stores in your area.

    Then press on blue placeholder related to the store of your interest, to view its telephone number, complete address and directions (by pressing on the option Reach).

    Before going to your chosen TIM store in person, make sure you have yours with you identity card and yours fiscal Code. Furthermore, I remind you that the activation of the service is free and the monthly subscription cost will be automatically charged on the invoice: consequently, you will not have to make any payments in person.

    After having gone to the TIM store of your interest, contact a sales employee and request the activation of Chi è di TIM, referring your telephone number and providing any required documents. Then wait for the activation to complete and that's it.

    How to activate Chi è di TIM on a mobile phone

    How to activate Chi è di TIM

    How do you say? You are wondering how to activate Chi è di TIM on a mobile phone? If so, you should already be able to see the caller's number without activating any services. Furthermore, as I have already mentioned in the opening lines of this guide, Chi è di TIM is only available on the fixed network.

    If, on the other hand, your intention is to know who called you when your number is busy or unreachable, you can activate You know about TIM. This service, in fact, allows you to receive an SMS alert for each call received when your number is unreachable. To find out more, I leave you to my guide on how to activate Lo Sai di TIM.

    Alternatively or in addition to the service I have just suggested, you can also choose to activate the TIM answering machine, a free service that allows the caller to leave a voice message when, in an attempt to contact you, your phone number is busy or unreachable.

    How to activate Chi è di TIM

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