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    How to activate SPID level 2

    Preliminary information

    As I already mentioned in the introductory lines of this guide, the credentials SPID they can be used by citizens and companies to interface and use the telematic services made available by the Public Administration (but not only). It is a one-time access system, which guarantees well three levels of security, which differ from each other by type of access and use: I list them below.

    • SPID level 1: it is the “simplest” system, consisting of username e Password, to be used to access the chosen services. This is the least recommended system in terms of security, as it does not provide for a second single-use access factor and / or attributable to the person / company in place.
    • SPID level 2: In addition to the username and password, this security system requires the entry of a OTP code (one-time password), i.e. a temporary disposable sequence generated by app, dedicated device or via SMS. Level 2 SPID is the most widespread and represents an excellent compromise between safety and simplicity.
    • SPID level 3: access is made using a smart card dedicated and one Password. It is undoubtedly the most secure authentication system but, to date, it remains not very widespread (it is used mainly by companies).

    In order to obtain the SPID identity, you must contact one of the certification bodies (o identity provider) accredited by the city government; the applicant must necessarily have completed 18 years, to be cittàn citizen with valid health card or of the residence permit and have a identification document valid, including electronic identity card (CIE) or paper, driving license or passport. It will also be necessary to provide a mobile phone number it's a valid email address.

    Second level SPID credentials are generally free for private citizens, while they have an annual cost of a few tens of euros for companies; the entire registration procedure, together with that of verification of their identity, it can almost always be done online.

    The identification methods provided by the various providers can be different: with smart card reader together with TS-CNS (national service card / health card) or CIE (electronic identity card), if you have a PIN; using the CIE together with a smartphone or tablet equipped with chip NFC and the app provided by the chosen certification body (system called CIE 3.0); through digital signature; by recording a video in which the required documents are exhibited and a disposable code read; in person, by going to an accredited office or requesting a home visit; or remotely, with a webcam and the assistance of a human operator.

    The cost of the identity verification procedure varies according to the identity provider and the system chosen; generally, with very rare exceptions, all online verification methods (TS-CNS / CIE, CIE 3,0, digital signature and video recording) are free; the validation involving the intervention of a human operator (via webcam, in person or at home), on the other hand, can provide for an additional cost varying between € 10 and € 30, in a single solution, to be added to the amount foreseen for the obtaining SPID credentials.

    How to activate SPID 2

    Having made the necessary clarifications, the time has come to explain, in practice, how to activate SPID 2 to obtain the first and second level access credentials, sufficient, except in special cases and / or requests on a professional basis, to access the services of the PA and other entities that include this login method.

    The procedure to follow for activation is after all always the same: first of all, you need to choose one of the accredited identity providers, register on the specific website (providing your personal data and uploading your documents) and carry out the verification of your identity, following the instructions that are provided to you by the certifying body, based on the method chosen. I'll give you some examples.

    • CIE 3.0: in this case, you must have an electronic ID card, its PIN and a smartphone / tablet equipped with an NFC chip. Once the registration is complete, download and start theofficial app of the certifying body and, when requested, bring the CIE closer to the device and enter the PIN. Identity verification takes place instantly.
    • TS-CNS active or CIE, with smart card reader: at a certain point during the registration, you will be asked to connect the smart card reader to the computer (whose drivers must have been previously installed) and to insert the service card inside it. Once this is done, simply select the certificate contained within it and type in the security PIN, to complete recognition.
    • Document + bank transfer: in the last stages of registration, you will be asked to make a video in which you show a valid identity document, your health card and in which you say a single-use security code received via SMS, app or email. As an additional check, you may be asked to perform a symbolic transfer (even a few cents) coming from a cittàn account in your name or bearing your name as joint holder, in which to specify, as a reason, a code received by the supplier himself. The amount spent will be returned or donated to charity.
    • Identification in person: if you do not have digital means, you can choose to identify yourself in person, by going to an authorized physical location, remotely via webcam or with the intervention of a home operator. This method generally involves an additional expense of a few tens of euros.

    Once the registration and verification of personal data is completed, the certifying body will analyze the request and, if successful, will send you the necessary instructions to enable the level 2 SPID (or other security levels) provided for by the account. .

    By way of example, I will show you below how to activate the SPID credentials at some of the accredited providers.

    How to activate SPID level 2: InfoCert

    The digital identity made available by the provider InfoCert it takes its name SPID InfoCert ID and allows you to get level 1 and 2 SPIDs in shape free for personal use, or at the cost of € 24,90 + VAT / year for professionals (natural person with professional qualification).

    The currently supported recognition modes are: digital signature, at no cost; CNS / CIE with smart card reader, at no cost; CIE 3.0 with NFC device, at a cost of € 29,90 + VAT; in person at an authorized tobacconist / office at variable cost, depending on the partner; or online via webcam, at a cost of € 29,90 + VAT. The InfoCert ID is valid for two years, after which it is possible to renew the service using a simple wizard.

    To apply for SPID 2 to InfoCert, go to the home page of the institution, click on the button Request SPID InfoCert ID and his bottone award Choose corresponding to the box that best suits your needs (eg InfoCert Personal ID, to create a SPID identity dedicated to an individual).

    Subsequently, select the recognition system you prefer among those supported by pressing the button Choose placed at the bottom of the dedicated box and, if necessary, choose the partner where to carry out the recognition (in case you have chosen to make use of an office or tobacconist's).

    Once your selection has been made, fill in the form that is proposed to you, indicating yours email address it's a Password to be used for future access (or enter the credentials of your existing InfoCert account, if you have one and press the button Log in), press the button Subscribe and follow the instructions that are shown on the screen, to complete the registration procedure and carry out (or book) the security recognition, based on the verification method you have chosen to use.

    How to activate SPID level 2: City post offices

    Also City post office is currently a certified identity provider SPID: the service PosteID allows you to obtain level 1 and 2 SPID credentials and, upon request, also level 3.

    The service is intended for private citizens, it is free and provides for different identification methods, which can be used free of charge: by certified mobile number and registered on your own City Post account; through CIE 3.0 with NFC device or CIE standard with recognition by app PosteID; through CNS-TS with smart card reader; through qualified digital signature; or by going in person to a public counter. Alternatively, you can opt for the "de visu" recognition at home, at the price of € 14,50 including VAT.

    To obtain the SPID identity with Poste cittàne, connected to the SPID-enabled PosteID home page, click on the box relating to the identification method you prefer from those available (eg. with PosteID app, SMS on Certified Mobile Phone, Recognition at the Public Desk and so on) and then on the button Continue, to go to the next step.

    Now, if you already have a Poste cittàne account and have chosen to authenticate using a certified number, enter your credentials in the appropriate fields and follow the instructions provided on the screen, to complete the identity verification: you should be asked to enter a OTP code received on the mobile number and, subsequently, a one-time password delivered via email.

    If you don't have a City Post account, you'll be asked to provide all of your own instead personal data, documents included and to specify a email address it's a Password to use to log into your account in the future. Finally, select the identification method of your interest, choose whether or not to allow the use of data for commercial purposes and follow the instructions given to you to complete the request, based on the identification system you have chosen to use.

    To find out more about how to activate SPID with Poste cittàne, I invite you to read my tutorial which I have dedicated entirely to the topic.

    How to activate SPID level 2: Aruba

    Another provider that allows individuals and companies to obtain SPIDs with security levels 1 and 2 is Aruba: in the first case, digital identity Aruba ID for the citizen is free; in the second, however, the Aruba ID Business service costs € 35 + VAT / year and also provides for the third level of security. The recognition can be done online, free of charge, with digital signature o remote digital signature, TS-CNS o CNS active and smart card reader, or with CIE 3.0 and device with NFC reader.

    activate SPID level 2 with Aruba, connected to the identity provider's website, press the button Find out more placed in correspondence with the type of identity you intend to subscribe (eg. Aruba ID for the citizen) and press the button Activate / Buy Aruba ID (depending on the offer previously chosen), located on the new page that opens.

    Now, select the identification mode you prefer, among those supported, press the button Continue and continue with data entry twice in a row and, if you have already activated an Aruba account before, press the button for log in and complete your order entering the credentials in the appropriate fields.

    If you don't have an Aruba account, sign up by filling out the form that is proposed to you with all the requested data, accept the conditions of use of the service by selecting the dedicated boxes and pressing the button Continue, to receive an e-mail message containing useful information to complete the SPID request procedure.

    Other providers to activate SPID level 2

    At the time of writing this guide, it is possible to obtain SPIDs with security level 1 and 2 (but also 3, in some cases) from a fair number of accredited identity providers, which are in addition to those I listed a little while ago. Let me give you an outline of the characteristics of each of them.

    • Understanding: the IntesaID service provides first and second level SPID identities for private citizens, free of charge, or for companies, with prices starting from € 34,99 + VAT / year. The methods of identification provided are a qualified electronic signature, in person at the offices in Turin (which could be suspended in the event of serious security risks) or via webcam (costs € 29,99 + VAT).
    • Lepid: the Lepida ID service provides level 1 and 2 SPID credentials, free for private citizens. It is possible to finalize the recognition with verification by digital signature, TS-CNS / CNS, audio / video recording with symbolic transfer, CIE 3.0, in person at the accredited offices or via webcam (costs € 15 + VAT).
    • Namirial: this certifying body allows you to obtain SPID credentials with the first two levels of security, free of charge for private citizens, or at a cost of € 35 / year + VAT for companies and businesses. The methods of recognition provided are digital signature, TS / CNS, CIE and "de visu" (costs € 19,90 + VAT).
    • Sielte: allows you to obtain level 1, 2 and 3 SPID credentials, free of charge for both private citizens and businesses. Sielte supports recognition via TS-CNS / CIE with smart card reader, CIE 3.0 with NFC device, digital signature, in person and via webcam.
    • Spidcittà/Register: another identity provider that provides level 1 and 2 SPID credentials, free of charge for private citizens, or with prices starting from € 35 + VAT for companies (to which level 3 credentials can also be provided). The recognition can be done via TS-CNS / CIE with smart card reader, digital signature, in person and via webcam (costs € 49 + VAT).
    • TIM: the well-known telephone operator issues first and second level SPID credentials to both individuals and companies and allows authentication via TS-CNS / CIE with smart card reader, qualified signature, in person at an authorized office or via webcam, at a cost of € 19,90 + VAT (or € 24,28 including VAT).

    All identity providers are currently supported by the telematic portals of the PA and of the entities that provide access via level 2 SPIDs and can be used in an almost equivalent manner.

    How to activate SPID level 2

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