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How to deactivate rechargeable All Inclusive

Let's start by seeing how to deactivate All Inclusive on a line rechargeable. There are three ways to do this: one is to contact the operator by phone and request the deactivation of the plan, then there is the possibility of chatting with a customer service consultant through the WINDTRE app or, again, yes can proceed by going to one of the many shops of the operator present on the national territory.

Officially there are no costs for the deactivation of the offer, however a very important variable must be taken into consideration: the rechargeable plans of the All Inclusive line provide for an activation fee of 15 euros. This contribution is discounted to only 1 euro for those who switch to Wind by carrying out the number portability or activate a new SIM and keep it active for at least 24 months.

Moral of the story: if you have activated your SIM for less than 24 months and you withdraw or switch to another operator, you are obliged to pay 14 € difference in the activation fee that was discounted to you.


If you wish to proceed from phone, you can contact WINDTRE customer service by calling 159 and asking the operator who will assist you to proceed with the deactivation of the All Inclusive plan active on your SIM.

So call the number 159 and carefully follow the instructions given to you by the voice guide, so as to be able to get in touch with a customer care consultant. At the time of writing, to speak with an operator, after starting the call you have to stay on hold, press the button 2, wait for a few seconds and then press the button 5. In case you want to receive assistance on a number other than the one you are calling from, after being on hold (immediately after starting the call), you must then press the button 1 and, therefore, provide the number to receive assistance by typing it on the numeric keypad.

Since WINDTRE could change the menu through which you can contact a consultant, I suggest you listen to the voice guide anyway, so as to avoid problems. As soon as the first available consultant will provide you with assistance, WINDTRE will assist you, inform him of your intention to deactivate the All Inclusive offer and follow the instructions he will give you to complete the operation.

The call is free if it is made from a WINDTRE number (provided this does not happen from abroad) and it is possible to contact customer service on any day and time (I suggest, however, to do it from 08:00 to 23:00, so to be sure your request is handled).


If you prefer to get in touch with WINDTRE using his Whatsapp for Android (also present on alternative stores) and iOS / iPadOS, as you prefer to chat with a customer care consultant, know that this can also be done.

To proceed, after installing and starting the app, go to your account or create it at the moment, in case you have not already done so. To register, you must essentially provide the your WINDTRE number and confirm your identity by entering the verification code which will be sent to you via SMS. More info here.

Next, tap onlittle man located in the lower right corner, type "Disable all inclusive" in input field located at the bottom of the displayed screen and, after pressing the icon of theletter aeroplanino located on the right, press the button Yes.

Within a few minutes, a WINDTRE consultant should start chatting with you: tell him what your intentions are, explaining that you want to deactivate the All Inclusive plan, and follow his instructions to complete the procedure without problems.


In case you wish to deactivate All Inclusive by going to a WINDTRE shop, as you think this solution is more congenial, know that it is absolutely feasible. In this case, all you need to do is locate the nearest store and ask one of the consultants there to assist you with your request.

Therefore, go to this page of the WINDTRE website, granted Google Maps to access the location of your device, by clicking on the button that appeared on the screen, and find the nearest point of sale on the map. Once you have gone to the store, ask WINDTRE employees to help you deactivate the offer and provide them with all the relevant information (including any valid identity documents, which may be necessary to complete your request).

How to deactivate the All Inclusive subscription

Now let's move on to the subscription rates. If you want disattivare All Inclusive Wind Unlimited o an altro subscription plan, you can change operator and request number portability, switch to a rechargeable Wind plan or switch to another Wind subscription plan.

If you withdraw from an offer with phone even you have to pay all the remaining installments of your smartphone in a single solution and a final maxi-installment for those who do not respect the contractual obligation of the plan (which is normally equal to 24/30 months). The sum of the maxi-installment varies from phone to phone, to find out how much the one for your smartphone is, consult the contract you have signed.

If your plan doesn't include a phone, you don't have to pay any maxi-installments, but you do have to take into account the contractual obligation of 12 months and the discount on the activation fee that you most likely got when you signed up for the offer. If before 12 months you change operator, switch to a rechargeable Wind plan or activate another Wind subscription that does not provide the same discount on the activation cost, you must refund the amount equal to the promotion you have used (e.g. 50 euros if discount on the activation cost was 50 euros).

Do you want to completely stop your Wind line? In this case you must send a registered letter with return receipt with all your personal data, those of the SIM and a copy of your identity card to the address Wind Tre SpA CD MILAN BAGGIO ADDRESS PO Box 159 20152 MILAN MI . The request should be accepted within 30 days of receiving the registered letter.

For any doubts about the cancellation procedure for All Inclusive offers, contact the 159 or contact the online customer care service through the other available solutions, which I also told you about in my guide on how to contact WINDTRE.

How to deactivate All Inclusive Wind

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