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    How to activate Vodafone hotspot

    Some useful info

    Before explaining how to activate the hotspot with Vodafone on your mobile phone (also on your tablet, if you have one with an integrated Cellular module), it seems only right to provide you with some explanations in this regard, first of all explaining what we are talking, precisely, and what are the possible costs to be incurred and any limitations.

    Let's start with the basics. L'Hotspot - also known as tethering - regardless of the brand of the mobile phone in use and the mobile platform present on the same as well as the operator's SIM, it is nothing more than a function thanks to which it is possible share the connection to the Internet of your smartphone with other devices (computer, tablet, etc.) using the Wi-Fi network, similar to what happens with the home router, or Bluetooth or connection via cable.

    As far as costs are concerned, with Vodafone the service is up to date totally free, as reported by the same company on its website, in the section dedicated to consumer information.

    All Vodafone customers with rechargeable SIM or subscription can therefore take advantage of the service without spending additional money and without having to activate additional options with respect to what is already active. To put it another way, if you have activated a promo on your Vodafone card that includes a certain number of GB, you can also use the latter in hotspot mode without incurring extra costs.

    However, if no offer for Internet browsing is enabled on your SIM and if you do not activate one, to use the hotspot you will have to support the daily fare provided by the operator for surfing the net from mobile (which would also happen by connecting via cellular data directly from your mobile phone).

    In this second case, the cost amounts to 6 € per day up to a maximum of 5 GB of data traffic consumed. Once this threshold is exceeded, the cost is 2 € to 100 MB, priced in advance increments of 100 KB. For more info, refer to the page dedicated to the extra Internet traffic offered on the Vodafone website.

    As for the speech instead limitations, at the time of writing this guide there are no particular rules on the part of the "red manager", neither in terms of speed nor quantity of MB to consume. In a nutshell, you can use the Internet connection generated by your mobile phone as you see fit, not only from the latter but also in hotspot mode.

    Preliminary operation

    Now that you have clearer ideas about the nature of the hotspot and about the conditions of Vodafone to be able to use it, there are two basic steps, as well as preliminary ones, that you must take in order to use the service correctly.

    In fact, you must set the right parameters for mobile Internet browsing on your mobile phone and disable any blocking of the Internet connection from a PC applied to your SIM. Let's see immediately how to proceed.

    Parameters for configuring the service

    In order to activate the hotspot with Vodafone on your mobile phone, it is essential that the data connection of the latter is active and even before the service is configured correctly. To do this, just take into account the instructions below depending on the mobile operating system in use on your device.

    Su Android, first of all activate the data connection with Vodafone by going to Settings, selecting the item related to connessioni and carrying his ON l'interruttore Data connection.

    Once this is done, go to Settings More> Cellular networks (Or Other networks> Mobile networks) and select the item Access point names (Or profiles). Then press the button [+] (or press on [...] and select New APN) at the top right and check that the fields on the screen are filled in as indicated below (and if not, modify them).

    • Your name - Acc. Cellular Internet on smartphones; Internet tablet
    • APN – su smartphone; su tablet
    • MMCC - 222
    • MNC - 10
    • Type APN - default, supl
    • APN protocol - IPv4
    • APN roaming protocol - IPv4
    • Enable / disable APN - APN activated

    If you had to modify the fields in question, remember to save the changes made by tapping on the button [...] at the top right and then pressing on the item Save appears from the menu.

    Su iOSinstead, go to Settings > Mobile phone (on iPhone) or Cellular data (on iPad) and bring up ON the switch that you find in the new screen displayed, in order to enable the data connection.

    Then go to Settings > Mobile / Mobile Data> Cellular Data Options> Cellular Data Network and fill out the form that is proposed to you as indicated below.


    • APN - on iPhone; on iPad


    • APN - internet

    If you think you need more details in this regard, refer to my tutorial on how to configure the Vodafone Internet.

    Disabling the Internet block from PC

    As anticipated, another operation that you must perform in order to activate the hotspot with Vodafone is to go and deactivate the service called Internet lock from PC possibly active on your numbering which, as can be guessed, prevents you from taking advantage of the functionality object of this guide of mine.

    To do this, you must intervene from the area reserved for you on the Vodafone website. Then connect to the home page of, move the pointer over the button do-it-yourself which is at the top right, click on Log in in the menu that opens and log in to your account by filling in the fields displayed with your data.

    If you are not yet registered on the site, after clicking on the button do-it-yourself press the black button Subscribe instead of that sign in Log in, then fill in the fields displayed with the required data and follow the simple wizard that is shown on the screen.

    Once logged in, on the page that will open, place the pointer on the item Proposal that is at the top and click on Active offers in the menu that opens. Locate the tab Traffic blocking services on the new page displayed and if the service Internet lock from PC is present in the list click on the relevant button Manage.

    To request the deactivation of the service, click on the link To deactivate the service click here. and it's done. Once the service is disabled, you will receive an SMS confirming this from Vodafone.

    Besides he as I have just indicated to you, I would like to point out that the service can also be disabled by telephone, by calling the number 42070 and following the instructions of the recorded voice.

    When the call has started, what you will have to do is wait for the guide voice to start speaking, press the button for complete and / or modify rates and offers (which usually corresponds to1 or al 2) and then press the key corresponding to the management of the service Internet lock from PC.

    Activate the hotspot with Vodafone

    At this point I would say that here we are, you can finally proceed by activating the hotspot with Vodafone in the true sense of the term. But how is it done? Let's find out right away.

    Find the instructions on what to do below, both for what concerns the Android side and for iOS.

    Your Android

    If what you are using is a smartphone or an Android tablet and you want to be able to activate the hotspot with Vodafone, the first thing you need to do is grab your device, press the icon of Settings I will select the voice Other located in the box Wireless and ret.

    At this point, press on Other e / o su Tethering / portable hotspot e carries his ON the switch for the option Portable Wi-Fi hotspot. If you wish, you can also change the name of the Wi-Fi network and the access key by selecting the item Configure Wi-Fi hotspot from the Android menu.

    If your device supports it, you can also set an expired timer which the network must automatically turn off in case of inactivity. To do this, press on the voiceKeep Wi-Fi hotspot active.

    Alternatively, you can take advantage of the hotspot via USB by physically connecting the smartphone (or tablet) to the computer. To do this, go Settings> Wireless and networks> More of Android and brings up ON the switch for the option USB tethering. That's all!

    If, on the other hand, you want to take advantage of the Vodafone hotspot via Bluetooth, if your device supports this mode and those you want to connect to your smartphone are within the range of the device, go to Settings> Wireless and networks> More of Android and brings up ON the switch referring to the option Bluetooth tethering.

    Your iOS

    If what you are using is an iPhone or an iPad, to enable the hotspot with Vodafone, first of all grab your device and tap on the Settings. Successfully piggy his Personal hotspot e carries his ON the switch that you find next to the option Personal hotspot in the new screen that appears. Done!

    If you see fit, you can also change the Wi-Fi password for the network generated by your device. To do this, press on the voice Wi-Fi Password present in the hotspot screen and enter the access key you wish to use in the form displayed. Then stop on the wording end located at the top right to ensure that the changes are applied.

    If you then see a warning appear on the screen indicating the fact that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not enabled, press the button to fix it Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

    In addition to, as I have just indicated, I would like to point out that if you are using iOS updated to at least version 11 you can activate the hotspot function also from Control Center of iOS. To do this, recall the latter by swiping from the bottom up or from the top right corner to the bottom (only on iPhone X), press firmly on the symbol of Cellular data and selects the icon of Personal hotspot (Quella with the chain) from the menu you see appear, so that it becomes colored green.

    If, on the other hand, you prefer to take advantage of the hotspot with Vodafone via USB e Bluetooth rather than via Wi-Fi network, activate the personal hotspot function as I have just explained to you and connect your iDevice via USB or Bluetooth to the device on which you want to use the Internet connection of the red operator.

    How to activate Vodafone hotspot

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