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    How to disable Amazon Music from Alexa

    Preliminary information

    How to disable Amazon Music from Alexa

    Prima di enter the live tutorial, walking to spiegare how to turn off Amazon Music from Alexa, there is some preliminary information, regarding the music streaming service of the e-commerce giant that it is my duty to provide you.

    First of all, it must be said that today they exist well three versions of Amazon Music, each with different costs and characteristics: here are all the details of the case.

    • Amazon Music Free - is the basic version of the service freely accessible to anyone with an Amazon account, without having to sign up for any subscription. Allows you to play songs from playlists and radio stations for free, even on Echo devices. However, there are some limitations: the songs are played in random sequence, it is not always possible to skip tracks and there will be commercial interruptions while listening.
    • Amazon Prime Music - as easily deducible from the same name, it is the version of Amazon's music streaming service included in the Amazon Prime subscription which, at a cost of 36 euros / year or 3,99 euros / month (with a free 30-day trial for new subscribers), allows you to get free one-day deliveries on many products, access to the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform and other benefits. As far as music playback is concerned, access to 2 million songs is offered, music can be downloaded locally on smartphones and tablets and there is no commercial break between the songs. You can also play single songs, albums, radio stations or playlists without time limits, listening or “skip”. The only thing to take into consideration is that playback is limited to only one device at a time.
    • Amazon Music Unlimited - is the "full" version of Amazon Music and is totally independent from the Amazon Prime service. It offers the possibility to listen to over 60 million songs, thematic playlists and personalized radio stations, all without advertisements and with the opportunity to download the content of your interest offline. The individual subscription costs € 9,99 / month, the family subscription (to which a maximum of six accounts can be combined) costs € 14,99 / month and the one for a single Echo device costs € 3,99 / month. In all cases, there is a 30-day free trial period. For more details, you can read my specific guide on the subject.

    Another thing to note is that deactivating Amazon Music directly from an Echo device cannot be done. What can be done is to intervene fromapp Alexa for smartphone / tablet or from the Alexa web management panel, from a computer, and replace the streaming service in question with another.

    Only in the specific case of the use of Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited can the complete deactivation of the service be requested (therefore not only on Echo, but in general), which, however, will be replaced by Amazon Music Free.

    The music services that can be used with Alexa, as an alternative to the solution offered directly by Amazon, are currently these: Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, [TIMMUSIC] (https: //www.a -1022013.html) and TuneIn

    How to remove Amazon Music from Alexa

    Having made the necessary clarifications above, let's get to the real heart of the matter and let's find out, therefore, how to disable Amazon Music from Alexa. Below you will find explained how to do it both from smartphones and tablets, using the appropriate app per Android e iOS/iPadOS, which from a computer, through the Web version of service.

    Give smartphone and tablet

    How to disable Amazon Music from Alexa

    If you are interested in understanding how to disable Amazon Music from Alexa by acting on your own smartphone or tablet, the first thing you need to do is start theapp Alexa on your device, taking the latter and selecting the relevant one icon (the one with the logo ofAmazon's voice assistant) that you find on the home screen or in the app drawer.

    If you haven't downloaded the app in question to your device yet, if you are using Android, visit the relative section of the Play Store and press the button Install. Stai using iPhone / iPad, visit the relevant section of the App Store instead, press the button Get, quindi quello Install and authorize the download via Face ID, touch ID o password dell'ID Apple. Then start the app by pressing the button apri appeared on the screen.

    Now that you see the main screen of the Alexa app, log in to your Amazon account (if necessary), then tap the button with the lines horizontally collocato in alto a sinistra and selects the voice Settings give the menu to compare.

    At this point, select the dicitura Music che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della sezione Alexa preferences, tap on the item Default services and select, in correspondence with the sections Default music library e Default station, the music streaming service you want to replace Amazon Music (eg. Spotify o Apple Music).

    If the music streaming service with which you want to replace Amazon Music is not available in the list, first add it by tapping on the item Connect a new service you find on the screen Settings> Music of the app by selecting the logo of the service of your interest and then providing the credentials and permits required.

    From computer

    How to disable Amazon Music from Alexa

    Disabling Amazon Music from Alexa is also possible from computer, by accessing the relevant Web management panel. So, start the browser you usually use to surf the Net from your PC (eg. Chrome), go to the home page of the service and log in to your Amazon account (if necessary) .

    Now that you see the Alexa Web home screen, click on the entry Settings that you find in the left side menu and select the wording Music and multimedia content that you find on the right, in correspondence with the section Alexa preferences.

    In the new screen that is now shown to you, click the button Select predefined music services, then select, corresponding to the sections Default music library e Default station service, the music service you want to use as an alternative to Amazon Music (eg. Spotify o Apple Music) and save your changes by clicking on the button end.

    If you can't find the one you're interested in among the available music services, add it in advance by selecting the item Music, Videos and Books that you find in the left side menu of Alexa Web, then locate the section Music, on the right, click the Service Name you are interested in among those listed, press the button Attiva and provide the credentials related to the associated account ei permits required.

    How to disable Amazon Music

    How to disable Amazon Music from Alexa

    You want to disable Amazon Music from Alexa in the sense you want delete the subscription to Amazon Prime Music or to Amazon Music Unlimited and then switch to the basic Amazon Music plan? It can be done, of course.

    As for Amazon Prime Music, being a service offered in conjunction with the subscription to Amazon Prime, you must deactivate the subscription to the latter, as I explained in detail in my specific guide on how to deactivate Amazon Prime.

    If, on the other hand, you had subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited, in order to deactivate it you have to go and act directly on the latter, as I explained to you in detail in my tutorial on how to deactivate Amazon Music.

    How to disable Amazon Music from Alexa

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