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The first system that I propose to deactivate the Vodafone promo is to resort to the use of the area do-it-yourself present on the official website of the telephone company. This is the Web area through which Vodafone customers can manage everything concerning their SIM directly online.

To use it, you must click here in order to connect to the Vodafone portal, then you must click on the green button Log in located at the top right, you must enter the data necessary to login to your Vodafone account and click on the button Log in.

If you do not already have access data to the Do it yourself area of ​​the Vodafone site (because you have not yet registered), you can fix it immediately by clicking on the black button Subscribe instead of on the button Log in and then following the simple guided procedure that is shown on the screen.

On the page that will open at this point, click on the item Active Promotions present nella sezione Your SIM on the left, locate the offer you wish to deactivate and then click the corresponding button Manage o Modification that you find placed on the side.

Proceed by clicking on the button Confirmation to confirm your wish to deactivate the selected Vodafone promo and wait a few moments for a warning to appear on the screen indicating the success of the operation.

As a further confirmation of the successful completion of the procedure to deactivate the Vodafone promo, you should also receive a reply SMS from the operator on your mobile number within a short time.

My Vodafone App

You can deactivate the Vodafone promo also directly from your smartphone or from your tablet using My Vodafone, the official app of the telephone operator through which it is possible to keep under control all the details concerning your number, add or disable services and perform various other operations. The application is available for devices iOS, for devices Android and for devices Windows Phone.

To deactivate the Vodafone promo through the My Vodafone app, the first move you need to make is to start the application on your device. If you have already downloaded the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can go directly to reading the next paragraph. If not, download it immediately by connecting to the app store on your device via the links I have provided you just now.

At this point, start the application by tapping its icon on the home screen of the device, tap the button depicting three lines horizontally located at the top right, choose the item Proposal from the menu that is shown to you and then presses on Active offers.

Then locate the promotion you want to deactivate by scrolling the new screen that is shown to you, tap the button Manage that you find in its correspondence, then presses the button Confirmation in such a way as to confirm your wish to deactivate the Vodafone promo and wait a few moments, until you see a warning appear on the screen indicating the correct execution of the operation.

To further confirm the successful completion of the procedure to deactivate the Vodafone promo, you should also receive a reply SMS from the operator on your mobile number within a short time.

Please note: Not all Vodafone promos can be deactivated via the app. In the case of promotions that cannot be deactivated via the mobile app, you will be shown a specific notice on the screen.

social Network

Another way to deactivate promoted Vodafone is to contact the customer service of the red operator via social networks.

If you prefer to use Facebook, you can connect to the operator's fanpage, click on the button Send Message and send a private message to Vodafone in which you briefly explain your needs (indicating the number for which you are requesting assistance). The answer should come shortly. In any case, you can attract the attention of technicians by leaving a post on the page's public bulletin board (i.e. by writing a message in the field Write something on this page ...).

If you prefer to use Twitter, you can contact Vodafone by quoting @VodafoneIT at the beginning of a new tweet where you have to enter a short description of your needs and the hashtag # tw190 (although it is not strictly necessary). You should soon receive a message from a Vodafone operator inviting you to contact him via DM (i.e. by private message) through which you can communicate without the limit of 280 characters.

For more details, you can read my guide on how to chat with Vodafone.


Aren't the "modern" systems to deactivate Vodafone promo for you? No problem: you can still succeed in your intent by making a simple phone call to the appropriate numbering that allows you to disable the services and promotions active on your SIM.

To do this, therefore, grab your mobile phone and then enter the number 42071 on the numeric keypad of your smartphone and press the button to initiate a phone call (usually it is the one in the shape of handset).

Once the call has started, listen to the instructions of the voice guide to find out which number to press on the numeric keypad to proceed with the deactivation of the Vodafone promotion in relation to which you intend to go and act.

Once you have confirmed your desire to deactivate a specific Vodafone promo, you will receive voice feedback on the matter as well as an informative SMS directly to your phone number.


A further solution to deactivate the Vodafone promo via telephone is to contact customer service and ask the operator you will find yourself dealing with to deactivate the “offending” offer currently active on your line.

To contact customer service, grab your mobile, dial the number 190 (it is active every day 24 hours a day but operators respond to problems of a technical or commercial nature only from 24:08 to 00:22) on the numeric keypad and presses the button to start a phone call (generally it is the one in the shape of a handset). When you will be asked to choose between mobile e fixed telephony / ADSL / Fiber press the button 1, which, in fact, corresponds to the assistance service for mobile phones.

Then pay attention to the indications of the automatic service and then press the button relating to theassistance 190, which is usually the 4. Then, press the button for the support for your offer, which is usually the 2, and confirm your will to speak to an operator pressing on 2.

Vodafone operators can also be contacted from a landline. The number to dial is always the 190. The call is free from the Vodafone line and costs the same as an urban call from the lines of other operators.

To use the Vodafone assistance service from the landline, listen to the welcome message and then press the button 2 to access the services of assistance for Vodafone mobile network customers. Then type the number in relation to which you intend to go to act to deactivate the Vodafone promo and then press the button 4 to receive assistance from a Vodafone consultant.

The steps to invoice are quite simple but if you need more details you can rely on my guide on how to talk to a Vodafone operator.

Please note: The sequence of numbers to be entered is subject to continuous variations. To avoid errors, I therefore suggest that you always listen with the utmost attention to what the guide voice says, taking care to choose the options regarding technical assistance.

Vodafone Center

If you find it, you can deactivate the Vodafone promo also by going to a Vodafone center and explaining to the employee with whom you will find yourself chatting what your intentions are.

If you don't know where the closest Vodafone center is in your area, you can find out by clicking here. On the Web page that will open you will be shown a map with all the various stores of the operator. If, when viewing the map of the Vodafone centers scattered throughout the territory, a browser warning appears indicating the need to use the current position in order to use the service, consent by clicking on the appropriate button that is shown on the screen.

After having gone to the store and after having expressed to the clerk your intention to deactivate the Vodafone promo, the latter will take care of your request and will immediately deactivate the promotion you have indicated.

Once deactivated, you should receive a confirmation SMS on the mobile number concerned.

How to disable Vodafone promo

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