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    How to download free music on Windows 10 PC

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    How to download free music on Windows 10 PC

    If you want download free music on Windows 10 PC, I suggest you first contact the services for it music streaming, which ensure zero stress and excellent sound quality.

    Apparently the suggestion may seem inappropriate, but in reality it is not: most of the solutions of this type, in fact, allow not only to play music via the Internet but also to download songs, albums and playlists offline.

    The only thing to take into consideration is the fact that almost all of the services in question require the subscription of a paid subscription, which, however, can usually be tried at no cost.

    So, if you are interested, below you will find the major services for music streaming that allow you to download content on a PC at no cost (in the initial trial period).

    • Spotify - was one of the first services for music streaming and continues to be one of the most used in the world. It offers a free basic plan with ads and other limitations, including the inability to download songs for offline listening. To deal with this, you need to subscribe to the paid subscription, which costs 9,99 euros / month (or 119,88 euros / year) and which can be tried for free by new users for a period that usually corresponds to one month ( sometimes even more, depending on current promotions). It should be noted that for Windows it is usable through a special client, but possibly also available as a Web player, as well as for other operating systems and devices. For more details, read my tutorial on how Spotify works.
    • Apple Music - as easily understood by the name itself, this is Apple's music streaming service. It has a very rich database that is constantly updated and also includes the iCloud Music Library, which allows you to upload to the Apple cloud and synchronize your favorite songs on all your devices (including those that are not part of the catalog ). It costs 9,99 euros / month (or 99 euros / year), but new users can try the service at no cost for 3 months. On Windows it can be used through iTunes, but obviously it is also accessible from macOS (in the Music application), via the Web, from smartphones, tablets and other devices. For more information, check out my guide on how Apple Music works.

    App to download free music on Windows 10 PC

    Let's move on to some of them now app to download free music on Windows 10. Put them to the test now and you will see that you will not regret it.


    How to download free music on Windows 10 PC

    The first free music download application on Windows 10 that I want to suggest you consider is Lacey. It is a freeware software that allows you to download songs (and videos) from various online services. It does not require special configurations and is very easy to use.

    To download the program to your computer, connect to its official website and click on the link Free Download placed in the middle of the page. When the download is complete, extract theZIP archive obtained in a position of your choice and start the .exe file contented to the internal suo.

    Once the software window appears on the desktop, click the button with the dart located at the top and select the names of the Skills you prefer to use to download songs. Next, type the title of the song you intend to download in the field provided at the top.

    Once the search is complete, locate the song you want to download from the list and double-click on its title to start the download. You can then view the songs being downloaded by clicking on the item Downloads, to the left.

    Keep in mind that if you download a video instead of an audio file, you can convert it to MP3 directly through Lacey, by going to the tab Downloads, by right clicking on its title and choosing the item Convert to MP3 give the menu that comes mostrato.


    How to download free music on Windows 10 PC

    Have you ever heard of qBittorrent? No? No problem, let's fix it right away. It is a totally free and open source client for sharing and searching for files on the network BitTorrent: one of the most used peer-to-peer networks in the world, on which it is possible to find many music albums and single songs (albeit in smaller quantities). It should be noted that downloading highly shared content can cause the download speed to become particularly fast.

    To download qBittorrent to your computer, connect to its website and click on the link 32-bit & 64-bit installers which is next to the windows flag. In the new page that opens, then select the item qBittorrent Windows x64 (if you are using 64-bit Windows) or that qBittorrent Windows (if you are using 32-bit Windows). If you don't know which version of Windows you are using, please follow my tutorial on the topic.

    Once the download is complete, open the .exe file obtained and, in the window you see appear on the desktop, click on the buttons Yes, OK e NEXT. Then put the check mark next to the item I accept the license conditions and finish the setup by clicking on the buttons NEXT (twice in a row), Install e end.

    Now that you see the software window on your desktop, I suggest you take advantage of the search engine included in qBittorrent to find albums and songs on the BitTorrent network, without having to waste precious time to open the browser and search on the various sites used for the purpose.

    To take advantage of the search engine, first enable it by clicking on the menu Show located at the top and selecting the item Search engine from the latter. If you see a warning appear asking you to install Python, you agree: it is a free component required.

    Next, select the tab Research from the qBittorrent main window, click the button Search Extensions and Check the updates, in order to update all search plugins. Afterward, choose the option Music in the drop-down menu All Categories and search for the album or song of your interest, typing its title in the appropriate field located at the top.

    When the search results appear, arrange them in order of seeders (i.e. available sources), by selecting the appropriate item in the box in the center, and double-clicking on the name of the file you wish to download, being careful to choose the one with the greatest number of active sources.

    If in trying to download the files you are interested in you notice hitches in the downloads, obviously it is because you must first open the router ports. To find out how to do it and for further information on how the program works, you can read my specific guide on how to use qBittorrent.

    Other apps to download free music on Windows 10 PC

    How to download free music on Windows 10 PC

    Did none of the applications that I have already proposed convinced you in a particular way? Then try to take a look at the further solutions of this type in the list below. I sincerely hope they are able to satisfy you.

    • eMule - it was once the P2P software par excellence. Today, however, it has fallen into disuse a lot, but it still continues to offer many interesting contents, especially in the musical field. On its networks, in fact, you can find numerous “rare” songs and albums that are decidedly difficult to find elsewhere. It is free, open source and very easy to use. For more information, see my specific guide on how to use eMule.
    • JDownloader - it is a famous free download manager of an open source nature, which is able to "capture" the audio files present online (as well as videos and images) and download them. Note that it supports all popular hosting and video sharing sites. For more details, you can read my guide on how to use JDownloader.

    Sites to download free music on Windows 10 PCs

    Another way you have on your side to download free music on Windows 10 is to turn to Internet site that provide users with archives from which to withdraw copyright free music: here are some of the most interesting.

    How to download free music on Windows 10 PC

    The first site I invite you to consider is It is a portal where you can find thousands of songs and albums that are no longer protected by copyright, live concert recordings and much more. The site aims to allow universal access to knowledge, collecting and making available to users cultural content of various types, including music.

    To use it, therefore, visit the section of the site dedicated to the musical repertoire and select one of the category in the center of the page. If you deem it necessary, you can also take advantage of the filters in the left sidebar or you can carry out a direct search by typing a keyword in the text field located at the top left.

    When you find a piece of content that interests you, click on its title and download it (if available for download, unfortunately not all contents are), by selecting the first audio format of your interest in the right sidebar and then the name of the file. I inform you that you can also play the songs of your interest in preview, by clicking on the button Play site in the player above.


    How to download free music on Windows 10 PC

    Jamendo is a portal that collects music produced by independent artists and labels, through which it is possible to listen to songs in streaming and download them for free, as long as they are then used for personal purposes (for commercial purposes, a specific license must be purchased, contacting Jamendo Licensing) .

    To use it, go to the Jamendo home page and click on the button Start. In the new page that appears, click on the button Log in located at the top right, then select the link Subscribe attached to the box that appears and create an account on the site with your email address or log in with your Facebook or Google account.

    After registration, you can immediately take a look at the musical hits of the moment and those in evidence on the home page of the service. If you want to filter them by genre, click on the drop-down menu All genres site at the top and choose the genre of your interest, while to order them in a different way you can choose the option you prefer by clicking on the menu Best of. Alternatively, you can search for a song or album by keyword, by typing the keyword of your interest in the field Look for independent music which is located at the top.

    To access the complete list of all songs and albums, instead, click on the item Discover present in the sidebar on the left, select the tab #Communities and click on the genre you prefer. At this point, select the tab Tracks to view the list of available songs, that Album for the album list or that Artists to access the list of singers and bands.

    When you find an album or song that interests you, to download it, click on the icon of freccia rivolta verse il basso present in its correspondence and press the button Free download for personal use MP3 quality.


    How to download free music on Windows 10 PC

    If you are interested in downloading some good music to use in your projects, Unminus it is undoubtedly the right solution for you. It is, in fact, a portal on which there are many audio files that can be used in all types of projects, both personal and commercial, without violating any copyright.

    To be able to use it, go to its home page and take a look at the highlighted content that you find by scrolling the page, looking for any audio files of your interest. Alternatively, you can search by keyword by clicking on the icon with the magnifying glass located at the top right and typing a keyword in the text field that appears.

    When you find an audio file that you think you might like, click on the entry Download present in its correspondence, to proceed with the download. If you want, you can also preview it by clicking on the relevant button Play.

    Caution: illegally downloading copyrighted music from the Internet is a crime. This tutorial was written for illustrative purposes only. It is not my intention to encourage piracy and therefore I take no responsibility for how you will use the information contained therein.

    How to download free music on Windows 10 PC

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