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    How to enable call forwarding to another number on Android

    Android offers call forwarding feature to another phone number. Simple and practical, it does not require any manipulation that goes through your mobile operator or entering complicated USSD codes. In this tutorial, we will see how to configure automatic call forwarding on Android.

    Do you want to stop receiving calls on your phone number and would like to forward them to another number? Whether it is a temporary need or whether it will last several weeks or several months, the call forwarding is very easy to do with Android, as it is to block a phone number to stop being bothered by unwanted calls.

    How to activate call forwarding on Android

    It used to be necessary to enter a series of USSD codes to activate call forwarding, which is still the case if you have an old mobile phone or if your smartphone's OS does not offer the functionality natively. Here's how to do it on Android without too much hassle:

    • Open the Android Phone app
    • At the top, right or bottom right depending on the version, press the three vertical dots (or Plus on Samsung smartphones)
    • Select Parameters and Other Settings ( More Settings if you have a Samsung smartphone)
    • In the list of options, tap Call forwarding
    • Several options are available to you: always transfer, forward if busy, forward if no response ou forward if unreachable
    • Choose the option you want, enter the call destination number and press activate.

    Well, it's as simple as that. To disable call forwarding, just follow the same process. Tap always forward or the option you chose when setting up forwarding. Finally, press deactivate to cancel automatic call forwarding.

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