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    How to install Windows 11 2022

    How to install Windows 11 2022

    As you may have realized Microsoft has dispatched Windows 11, the new form of the most involved PC working framework on the planet. To refresh it we can rely on the upgrade to show up on our Windows 10 PC, introduce it from the past rendition alone or straightforwardly introduce it on our PC without any preparing, precisely everything we will tell you at this point.

    There are multiple ways to introduce Windows 11 as we have indeed told you, however to do it without any preparation, there is also a method to do it.

    We will utilize the ISO that Microsoft has distributed or make a bootable USB drive to introduce it as a totally new framework, that is, without depending on refreshing a past adaptation.

    It's nothing complicated as you'll be willing to see, so we should get going.

    Prerequisites for introducing Windows 11

    Before we introduce it, we must be sure that our PC will really want to deal with this new framework or that it is within the limits that Redmond has set for the establishment.

    As a guideline, your computer should meet everything we are going to put below:

    • Have TPM 2.0.
    • Something like 4 GB of RAM.
    • A display with a base target of 720p.
    • 64 GB of internal storage.
    • An illustration card that can use DirectX 12.
    • An Intel or AMD CPU that is viable. For this situation most seventh-era or more established Intel processors are forgotten, and on AMD's part it is not chipped to original Ryzen.

    To learn in more depth regarding the much doomed prerequisites for introducing Windows 11, you can get to this Microsoft page.

    As we will be using the ISO image of the framework, of these prerequisites we really only have to meet one. That is, on the off chance that your PC does not have or does not maintain TPM 2.0, you will not be able to introduce Windows 11.

    The rest of the details must be proposed for the framework to work as expected, however they don't influence the establishment, since in the process you will be alerted that your PC is not viable, that's all. From there it is up to you to choose whether to introduce it or not.

    Where can we download Windows 11?

    With the objective that we can download Windows 11 and introduce it from zero what we really want, as we have said previously, is an ISO image of the framework of work or to make a bootable USB or DVD,

    For it the main thing that we must know is the place where we can get to make these two activities.

    In short, Microsoft has created a site where we can perform these two tasks in a simple and straightforward way.

    We only have to enter this page and see what it says:

    • Windows 11 Setup Wizard: this option is not substantial for us, since it will make a wizard that upgrades to Windows 11, but from Windows 10 previously introduced.
    • Make Windows 11 establishment media: this is where we will really want to make a bootable USB or DVD to introduce the new framework without any preparation.
    • Download Windows 11 circular image (ISO): this is the place we will download an ISO image to copy to a USB streak drive, a DVD or to make a virtual image.

    Download ISO

    Supposing that we decide to download an ISO image, that is to say, the third option that we have at our disposal, we must click on the blue button that says Download, just below where it is composed Download Windows 11 board image (ISO).

    At that moment we will obtain a document that is called Win11_Spanish_x64.iso that has around 5.52 GB, that in fact we will want to use to record a DVD of double layer like means to have Windows 11 of truth, to make a bootable pendrive to have Windows in a more current frame and even to have the option to make a virtual machine supposing that we really want it.

    Whichever option you choose, really this way you will have the image of Windows 11 to have the option to introduce it in your desired PC.

    Make a bootable USB or DVD

    • You can directly make a bootable DVD, even though we accept that this option today is quite obsolete and everyone is going to use a bootable USB drive.
    • In spite of the fact that it is comparable, it is not equivalent to what we have encountered in the past case, since before what we had was an ideal picture of what the whole Windows 11 establishment framework is, however presently what we have is a framework to boot from the BIOS and introduce it.
    • To do this we should choose the following option that we have on the web, explicitly the one that says Create Windows 11 establishment support.
    • It will download a record called MediaCreationToolW11.exe that we should run.
    • Then, at that point, it is the second we must hit OK, to tell it that we agree with the permission.
    • Then, at that point, in Select language and version we must click on Next, since these limits are ingested from the equipment, although supposing that you need another dialect you must uncheck Use the suggested options for this hardware.
    • Now it seems the option to make a USB streak drive to introduce Windows 11. Let's remember that the drive must have more than 8 GB for it to work.

    Here it also allows us to burn the ISO document to a DVD assuming we need it.

    These are the two different ways we need to introduce Windows 11 from scratch in an authorized way. Both are extremely simple in everything related to how to use and introduce them.

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