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    How to log out of web accounts remotely and disconnect sessions

    Given the recent problems with internet site accounts caused by the Heartbleed bug, we continue to talk about online security by reporting the possibility, for many services, of logging out of a session even from another computer, remotely.
    So if you use a friend's PC or a public computer, log into Facebook and Gmail, but forget to log out, you can use your PC to do so.
    So if we have left open access to our personal account on a PC that is not ours, it is important to know that, for services such as Gmail, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter it's possible log out of that account remotely, using another computer.

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    1) To log out of Gmail remotely
    Gmail makes it very easy to see and terminate active sessions on your account.
    Then log into Gmail, scroll to the bottom of the page and notice that Gmail tells us when there was the last activity.
    Click on the word Details to find out which sessions are open, from which device and from which countries they have been started.
    With the button at the top it is possible to exit all sessions at once, except of course the active one.

    This mode is only supported via web browser and not by the various mobile apps.
    This means that if you used Gmail on your Android phone or iPhone and this has been stolen or lost, anyone can access our email.
    To log out of Gmail registered on your lost Android or iOS device, you need to take more drastic measures and unlink your entire Google account from your phone.
    From the browser then go to Google Account Settings and then to the Security tab
    Under Account Permissions, click View All to get the list of devices and applications that use the Google account.
    Select Android and then press the Revoke Access button on the right.
    However, note that this disconnects the phone from the account and thus makes it impossible to find it using the Google Device Manager tools, which should be the first thing to use in case of loss to find or block it.

    2) Log out of your Facebook account remotely, from another computer
    To disconnect a Facebook login, go to Account Settings in the Security section.
    Click on Edit in the "Where are you connected from" option, scroll down to see all active sessions, expand the various lists to choose which active sessions to end.
    At the beginning of the list, you can also press "end all tasks".

    You can quickly log out of applications Facebook on mobile changing the account password.
    Once the password has been changed, Facebook will ask to register on all other devices.

    3) Remotely log out of Twitter
    Twitter allows you to log out of active sessions opened from an Android phone or web browser by changing the account password.
    Go to your account settings and under password, reset your password.
    Unfortunately, access from the iPhone and iPad app will remain open for which there is no remote way out.

    4) Microsoft / does not have a way to log out of an active session, but it does allow you to see recent activity.
    On the site, open the options with the button at the top right and then enter the account settings.
    You can then open the activity page on the account to find out all the connections made.
    For each of them you can click the "It wasn't me" button which should end the session.

    4) Other online services
    LinkedIn allows you to log out of all sessions by changing the password.
    The same should be possible with the account Yahoo which is similar to Microsoft, it has no options to disconnect active sessions remotely.

    In general, to avoid problems of unauthorized access and not to have the anxiety of leaving the account when using a computer that is not really, and also to be sure that the password is not stolen with some software, it is convenient for all these services, enable XNUMX-Step Password Verification Protection on all sites, as explained in another article.

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