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    How to Reduce PDF File Size Without Losing Quality

    Do you have a PFD file that is too large? So much so that it is impossible to send it as an attachment by email or complicated to open it because it lacks responsiveness. It is quite possible to reduce the size of a PDF file by compressing it. In this article we show you the best way to do it while finding a good compromise for the display quality.

    How to Reduce PDF File Size Without Losing Quality

    The PDF format has many advantages, including being easy to share and read on all types of devices. However, this format can be large depending on the document, especially if it contains several illustrations. Mobility takes a hit. But it is possible to reduce size of any PDF without making too many concessions on the quality of the file.

    How to compress a PDF?

    Let's start with software that can reduce the size of a PDF. You can use the PrimoPDF application, a PDF converter that reduces the size of files in addition to offering the possibility of converting a document into the format starting from more than 300 file types.

    To reduce the size of a PDF using PrimoPDF software, simply open the file in question from any PDF reader application. Go into Print and choose PrimoPDF as your virtual printer. Several printing options are available. Look for the drop-down menu Quality. Depending on the application used, you will find it in Properties ou Advanced properties.

    On Chrome player, the option is available in Print > More Settings. Adjust the output resolution down. For example, you can switch from 600 dpi to 300 dpi. The generated document will be about 50% smaller. Do not go lower than half of the initial resolution at the risk of making the graphics less readable.

    How to Reduce PDF File Size Without Losing Quality

    Then click Print. A PrimoPDF window opens: click on Create a PDF and save the new, lighter document.

    Reduce the size of a PDF with an online tool (PC, smartphone, tablet)

    A quick and cross-platform way to reduce PDF size is to use an online tool. Several sites allow you to compress a PDF in an optimized way. One of the most popular is Its use is extremely simple.

    How to Reduce PDF File Size Without Losing Quality

    Go to the site and select the Upload Files option. Navigate to the location of your PDF file and open it. If you're on a computer, just drag the file into the space provided. The compression is done automatically and you can download the compressed document.

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