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    How to stop hackers from spying on your webcam

    If you have happened to see a piece of tape on the webcam of your friends, don't worry. They are not crazy. They are simply concerned about their privacy and try to defend it as best they can, even with "artisanal" techniques.

    It may happen, in fact, that hackers can exploit computer leaks and malware to take possession of the computer's webcam and activate it as they wish. In this way they can spy on us when and how they want, without us noticing it: the LED next to the lens, in fact, does not turn on and we remain completely unaware of what is happening. Fortunately, we have technology on our side. By installing some software on your computer you can effectively defend privacy.

    Why shield the webcam

    Some might think that this is a bit naive behavior, perhaps exaggerated. The exact opposite is true. Being listened to or recorded while in front of the computer can expose us to various dangers, such as for example blackmail by unscrupulous criminals.

    In short, the risks are many and even if you think you have nothing to hide, a few more precautions don't hurt. It will be sufficient to install an ad hoc software and, regardless of whether you are using a Windows computer or a Mac, you will be able to defend yourself from intrusion attempts.

    Oversight per macOS

    If you're wondering how to secure Mac webcam, the answer may be Oversight. Some malware threats such as OSX Eleanor, Crisis e Mokes. Once installed, the app is activated automatically every time the PC is turned on: just check that there is an umbrella-shaped icon at the top right to be sure. In the event of an attack, Oversight it will warn us that someone is trying to take possession of the webcam or microphone. In this case it is possible to stop the intruder by pressing the "Lids".

    Who stalks my cam per Windows

    For Windows users, a very effective application to stop hackers is Who Stalks My Cam. Operation is very similar to Oversight. The app runs in the background and checks that nothing unusual is happening in the system. In case you notice any abnormal behavior, Who Stalks My Cam immediately blocks the intrusion attempt and lets you rest assured. The software also shows us which programs installed in Windows access the camera or microphone. Also interesting is the feature that calculates how long the PC has been on.

    How to stop hackers from spying on your webcam

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