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    Instagram updates and welcomes 5 new filters

    Instagram, the image sharing application, has just undergone a major update on Android. We can mention the arrival of 5 new filters as well as a new interface. As a bonus, the deletion of inactive or empty accounts.

    Instagram, the famous social network for sharing photographs, has just been updated on Android to version 6.12.0. The main novelty concerns the appearance of five new filters. " At last ! users will exclaim, since the filters had not been dusted for two years. The new filters are named Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden, and Perpetua. A way of shade VSCOCam a bit, an application that was originally intended to retouch photos that also has a photo sharing stream, like Instagram.

    The other novelty is the interface which evolves slightly with a new visual style but also the possibility of modifying the position of the filters, to have on hand those that we use the most. The filters icon also displays a preview of the final photo, to quickly see the effect before selecting it. Finally, the application of Mark Zukerberg has just carried out a major cleaning. Indeed, inactive or empty accounts have all been deleted, putting a brake on the system of buying users that takes place in certain circles. A practice that does not prevent the social network from having monthly more than 300 million active users as we learned a few days ago.


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