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    Instagram wants to get you hooked with the suggestion of stranger profiles, a bad idea?

    Instagram is launching a new post suggestion feature. When you're done scrolling through your thread, new profiles of strangers will be displayed. A way to make you even more addicted. Or scare you away.

    By wanting to get you hooked with its suggested profiles, isn't Instagram in danger of losing you? // Source: ifastercovery

    Instagram keeps coming up with new features. After the Reels a few weeks ago, the social network put on QR Codes yesterday. Today, the suggested publications complete the whole, at the risk of getting lost.

    The principle is simple: when you have finished unrolling your thread (with the posts of your subscriptions), Instagram will show posts from unknown profiles. The opportunity to promote new accounts that may interest you, but also to earn some advertising revenue, this new feature also propelling sponsored posts.

    If you can choose to display old posts from your subscriptions first, the suggestions will still appear a little lower. In summary, you will have no way of escaping it. If you're not interested in these posts, you can tell Instagram (three buttons in the corner) and the algorithm will adjust the set to suit your tastes more.

    A false good idea ?

    This suggestion system is reminiscent of that of TikTok, which also displays publications from strangers. Moreover, Instagram does not hesitate to draw ideas from other social networks here and there, first with Stories (a copy and paste from Snapchat) then with Reels already inspired by TikTok.

    With suggestions, Instagram obviously wants to make you even more addicted by keeping you as long as possible on its already very addictive network. But isn't this new function ultimately a false good idea?


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    By making these suggestions, Instagram first admits failure of its 'Discovery' tab to discover new accounts. Obviously users are not going there of their own free will, so Instagram is forcing them to open up. What's more, which accounts will be featured? Probably the biggest and therefore more profitable to the detriment of profiles that may be more interesting for you, but less famous.

    Can't we also see a turning point in the very essence of the social network? By launching stories, Instagram certainly offered an alternative to Snapchat, but over time, these stories seem to have taken precedence over the publication feed that originally embodied Instagram's DNA.

    Finally, the multiplication of features risks losing users and, once again, removing everything that made Instagram so charming. By wanting to keep its users with new options, Isn't Instagram in the end likely to tire them?

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