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    Internet Explorer will say goodbye in August 2021

    Internet Explorer will soon be just a memory. Microsoft's august browser will indeed bow out on August 17, 2021, a year from now. If it will still be usable, it will no longer be supported by the Redmond firm, which now puts Edge forward.

    Internet Explorer still exists. Although the august browser is no longer promoted by Microsoft, which replaced it with Edge with Windows 10, it is still present in the landscape. In a year, on August 17, 2021, it will, however, draw its reference. The Redmond firm has indeed announced the end of its support.

    On this date, the latest version of the browser (Internet Explorer 11) will no longer be integrated into the services of the firm, namely Outlook, OneDrive or Office 365. It will no longer be possible to use it through its software, which will only be compatible with the latest version of Edge.

    Internet Explorer will not be removed. Although more updated, the browser will still be compatible with sites designed for it. However, it will eventually die out after a while. Today, on PC, it is still used by 2,7% of Internet users. Note that the transition between Internet Explorer is facilitated to convince the latter resistant to take the plunge.

    Microsoft wants to forget about IE

    Internet Explorer is Microsoft's historical browser. He got cheesy in the 2000s by newcomers like Firefox or Chrome. Jokes about its slowness were even very fashionable at one time.

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    Microsoft decided to make a clean sweep of the past in 2015 with Windows 10. Internet Explorer has indeed given way to Edge, which is more modern and faster. At the beginning of 2020, a new version of this Edge, based on the faster Chromium engine, was deployed. The old version, now called Legacy, will also soon be handed over. Microsoft has indeed indicated that security updates will no longer be provided. from March 9, 2021.

    Even though Edge Chromium is struggling to take off, Microsoft has done a good job with a browser that's as fast as it is intuitive. But today, Chrome still largely dominates the market with 69% market share on PC.

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