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    iOS 10: How to unlock your iPhone without pressing the Home button

    iOS 10 brings many changes for iPhone users. Among them, unlocking which requires pressing the Home button. However, it is possible to change this by modifying a setting! Follow this guide to access your smartphone without having to press the Home button every time.

    iOS 10 is changing the habits of iPhone users, especially when it comes to unlocking. No more "slide to unlock" and place pressure on the Home button, which works particularly well with TouchID, as long as your hands are perfectly dry. Yes, but now, even with TouchID, you still have to press the button.

    However, we know that the Home button mechanism can wear out over time, especially since for some, pressing this button to unlock is simply a useless step. Fortunately, as you will see, it is possible to unlock your iPhone in iOS 10 only with your TouchID fingerprint.

    How to Unlock Your Phone Using TouchID Without Pressing the Home Button

    To disable the use of the Home button to unlock the iPhone, it's very simple. There is indeed, as often, an option to activate from the menu Reduced mobility from your iPhone:

    • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button
    • Activate the option Touch to open

    From now on, a valid TouchID fingerprint will suffice, without pressure, to unlock the smartphone. Of course, this fingerprint must be able to be read, which becomes difficult if the sensor is dirty, or your hands are sweating. iOS 10 will ask you to enter your code in this case.

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    The accessibility section is a mine where many useful features are hidden. And by playing on these parameters, you can do things that were not planned by the developers, such as reducing the brightness below the minimum, for example, to better rest your eyes in the dark. Obviously, to do more, nothing beats the jailbreak, now available in iOS 10!

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