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    iPhone 12: Apple allows iOS updates to be downloaded via 5G

    The iPhone 12 allows you to download iOS system updates via the 5G network. For the first time, Apple no longer forces users to connect to Wi-Fi to download an update to its mobile OS. 

    iPhone 12: Apple allows iOS updates to be downloaded via 5G

    To install an iOS update, Apple has always required iPhone or iPad users to connect to a Wi-Fi network. It is therefore impossible to install an operating system update in based on the 4G envelope of your mobile plan. Ultimately, you cannot update your smartphone on the go.

    With the arrival of 5G on the iPhone 12, Apple has decided to review its policy. As can be read on Apple's official website in the United States, the firm will allow users to download future iOS updates directly through the 5G network. No need to necessarily connect to a Wi-Fi network.

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    Apple offers 3 Internet consumption management modes on the iPhone 12

    Concretely, Apple integrates three ways to manage mobile internet on iPhone 12 : an “Allow more data in 5G” mode, a “standard” mode and a “low amount of data” mode. With this last mode, the iPhone will reduce “Wi-Fi and mobile data usage by interrupting automatic updates and background tasks”. This is the ideal mode for users who have a limited data envelope.

    Standard Mode, on the other hand, “allows automatic updates and background tasks over mobile networks and uses standard quality settings for video and FaceTime.” Finally, the “Allow more data in 5G” mode is intended for iPhone users who benefit from a plan with an unlimited 5G data envelope. The mode improves the quality of video calls with FaceTime, videos streamed to the Apple TV app and Apple Music and allows you to download iOS updates via the 5G network. Apple specifies that this mode is activated by default on iPhones connected to an unlimited subscription.

    But it is still not possible to go through 4G. If you do not have a 5G subscription, you will therefore have to go through Wi-Fi. To install an OS update, it is nevertheless always necessary for the iPhone to have more than 50% autonomy. . What do you think of the changes made by Apple? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments.

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