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    Lab – The magic eraser of Google Pixel 6, a smart and practical tool

    Real photo machines, the Pixel 6 include enough to retouch your shots. Thanks to the magic eraser tool, you will be able to remove unwanted elements from your shots. We have scrutinized this function.

    Google Pixel 6

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    In addition to a greatly improved photo component and ranking its Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro among the best on the market, Google has introduced new features in the field of mobile photography. Among them, the Magic Eraser option which, as its name suggests, allows you to erase unwanted elements from a photo (objects or humans). A function far from new on smartphones, since Samsung already offers it natively on its latest flagships, the Galaxy S21. We had already covered the option in an article in February 2021. Applications to download, like Snapseed or Photoshop Express, are of course available to all users, regardless of their mobile.

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    Google promises wonders with this Magic Eraser tool, arguing that its Google Tensor (again) associated with machine learning can perform small miracles. Samsung's eraser turned out to be quite good in our tests. Is Google up to it?

    But before getting to the heart of the matter, we asked ourselves a question – which might seem simple: can all photos benefit from the magic eraser tool or only photos captured with the smartphone? Yes answer: all photos will be able to use the magic eraser tool (as well as Samsung's object eraser). The joys of quick editing are yours for all your friends who want perfect photos.

    In daily use, Google's tool is more pleasant than Samsung's Object Eraser. If only for its speed of execution as well as its ability to automatically detect what can interfere with a photo. Google's algorithm automatically circles what it thinks it should (and can) erase, with a rather diabolical precision. At Samsung, the operation is clearly different. The software does not detect anything automatically, you will have to press the element you want to erase. The selection is not really precise and, by pressing on a person, the tool will very often overflow.

    The selection of what should disappear is not done automatically at Samsung (the two screenshots on the left).

    In terms of results, it should be confirmed that Google and Samsung do not disappoint, even if we tend to prefer the performance of the Pixel 6, which very often manages to erase objects in a decent way without leaving too many traces. Google's AI helps a lot in not deleting things that shouldn't go away, unlike Samsung, like in the example below. The Pixel 6 is able to remove only bystanders while the S21 Ultra, by manually selecting targets, does not remove people entirely. Worse, impossible not to remove the barge located in the background.

    The houseboat is retained on the Pixel 6, which is not the case on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

    It should be noted that in some cases, the Samsung tool is a little more relevant than that of Google. Indeed, when the Pixel 6 software does not detect objects or people to erase, you will have to scribble on the photo to remove superfluous elements. A rather laborious technique and with which it is sometimes necessary to repeat several times to obtain a satisfactory result. At Samsung, a simple click on an area automatically selects the item to be deleted. The precision is less, but it remains easier to use than at Google.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

    Google Pixel 6

    On a solid background, the Magic Eraser works almost 100% of the time. The proof on our famous photo scene, where we deleted an element placed on a white background. This kind of photo clearly demonstrates the limits of the magic eraser where the AI ​​did not detect anything automatically and where we had to manually select the piece of scene to delete.

    Finally, this magic eraser is quite a pleasant tool to use. Google's ability to automatically select what needs to be deleted simplifies photo editing — as long as there isn't too much to delete. As we noted in our article dedicated to Samsung's object eraser, the magic eraser works better than editing applications like Photoshop Express or Snapseed. With such a device in hand, you can therefore obtain almost perfect photos every time. Especially since it can only improve over time, if Google takes the trouble.

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