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    Return the "View Image" button to Google in Chrome and Firefox

      Return the A few days ago, Google was forced to remove an important feature from its search engine: the ability to easily view and download an image found via the Google image search engine.
      As you can see, searching for any image in Google and clicking one of the results, the View Image button no longer appears, which loaded the original image in a separate tab, without having to visit the site that hosts it.
      Now it is only possible to visit the web page where the image is located or save it using the function to save images searched on Google that I talked about some time ago.
      The reason for this change lies in an agreement between Google and Getty Images, a specialized site, to prevent their images from being seen by Google without visiting their website.

      This being the case, to view an image searched with Google without loading the page in which they are hosted, you must right-click on the result and then choose the option "open image in another tab".
      Alternatively, it is possible install an extension for Chrome and Firefox to make the "View Image" button return and put it back where it was before in Google Image searches.

      The extension "View Image"is available for Chrome and for Firefox and it works really simply and automatically.

      Once installed, in fact, you can Google an image and click on it to find the "View image" button.
      When pressed, this button opens the image in a new tab so it can be saved and downloaded to your computer in its original format.
      By pressing the extension button in the top bar of the browser, you can access a small panel of options to decide whether to open the images in a new tab or in the same tab as the results.

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