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    Skype: how to install it and use it to keep in touch with loved ones for free!

    Skype is the reference videoconferencing service. Acquired in 2003 by Microsoft, this software quickly became multiplatform. Today, more than 700 million people worldwide use Skype. But how does Skype actually work, and what are the manipulations to do to install it? We will explain everything to you.

    Before knowing how to install it concretely, let's explain what Skype is for and what technology it is based on.

    Skype: how does it work?

    Skype is a VoIP (Voice-over-IP-service) software, which allows you to communicate orally via digital technologies. The necessary equipment ? A microphone, a camera, and an Internet connection. The software is supported by computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions, and certain connected objects and game consoles.

    Concretely, why do we use Skype? Applications can range from a simple message chat with a friend who has gone to another country, to video conferencing with work while on the move, to an audio call with a spouse. Technically, Skype can be used by everyone, and in all cases.

    These technologies have made Skype the leader in videoconferencing, this computer-assisted discussion making it possible to benefit from sound and image at the same time. But then, technically, how to install it and use it?

    Skype: how to install it

    • Download the software according to your device from Skype official website
    • Create a free account, either from the software downloaded in the previous step or via the official Skype website
    • Connect to Skype using the credentials entered in the previous step

    Skype: how to use it?

    • Start by adding contacts. To do so, press the button +, then enter the name of your contact, for example papergeek76, to send them an invitation
    • Once the invitation has been accepted, click on the person's name. You can exchange messages with her, but also call her in audio mode by pressing the button Phone , or in video mode by pressing the button Camera.
    • The button Add someone allows you to make conversations, calls and videoconferences with several people.

    There you go, you now know the basics of Skype! Nothing complicated huh?

    When you create a Skype account, you also create a pseudonym, a name by which your contacts can find you. Can it be changed? Permanently deleting your Skype account is not easy, especially since the VoIP software was acquired by Microsoft in 2011. However, there is a solution that… Skype allows you to delete any message sent in a conversation. It's even very simple! Skype is one of the most popular video conferencing applications, and creating an account is free. The application, available on all platforms, allows you to call your friends for free. In addition…
    Audio Video Skype: how to install it and use it to keep in touch with loved ones for free!
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