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    Snapchat launches Cameo, here's how to turn your face into a funny GIF

    Snapchat launches Cameo, a feature that turns your face into a funny GIF, through several themes such as money, shopping at the supermarket, and of course cats.

    Credits: Snapchat

    After resuscitating FaceApp's aging filter, Snapchat is about to launch a new feature: Cameo. The principle is very simple: users are invited to take a selfie, and then graft their heads into small thematic GIFs created by Snapchat. A perfect opportunity to see yourself in chat, or sitting behind a desk covered in banknotes.

    Also, it is possible to add text to its videos. Snapchat will also integrate new facial expressions and new mouth movements. It would also be possible to make videos together, provided that your friends also have Cameo. At the moment Cameo is in the test phase, but it turns out that some lucky Spanish users have been able to try it. These test phases generally precede a general deployment, so this feature should arrive shortly in Spain.

    In the United States, the release of Cameo is scheduled for December 18 on iOS and Android and will offer more than 150 different situations/themes, as well as video filters. With this new feature, Snapchat intends to maintain its current good health. After a bad patch and a massive flight of users to Instagram and TikTok, the social network had been able to bounce back and had managed to recover 4 million additional users thanks in particular to a complete overhaul of the mobile application.

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    Like Zao tunes

    Snapchat's functionality is strongly reminiscent of Zao, this stunning Chinese application dedicated to making deepfakes. Zao offered to integrate your face into that of an actor. All you had to do was provide several photos of yourself, and the deepfake software took care of the rest. The result was rather incredible, and we quickly had fun putting our heads on Leonardo Dicaprio's entire filmography.

    But, since there is always a but, users were worried about how Zao used their personal data. And for good reason, the company reserved an “irrevocable, permanent and transferable” use. Faced with the growing controversy, Zao had to review its copy and modify its terms of use.

    Source: engadget

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