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    Snapchat wants to recreate the FaceApp buzz with an aging filter

    Snapchat is inspired by the popular FaceApp application to offer a filter that artificially ages the features of its users. The feature is called Time Machine.

    A few months ago, the FaceApp application was a dazzling success. Its principle was simple: you take a selfie and the software applies various filters to your face, in particular to artificially age you. This buzz has obviously caught the attention of Snapchat, which in turn unveils an aging filter, no doubt hoping to provoke similar interest among users.

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    By doing this, Snapchat most certainly intends to persuade new people to use its service, which has been undermined by the popularity of Instagram — or even TikTok.

    The functionality presented is thus called Time Machine – which those who love the language of Molière can simply translate as “Time Machine”. In the presentation video, a young man can be seen dragging a cursor on the screen. When it is positioned all the way to the right, the user's face is marked by deeper wrinkles and his hair becomes gray-white.

    Time Machine is currently rolling out to all Snapchat users. It is “a journey through time possible thanks to machine learning technology, so the years melt away or accumulate according to your desires”, reads the press release from the brand.


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    This time machine also combines the new aging filter with the one that considerably rejuvenates you to find a baby face (this effect has been around for a while). Whether this feature will attract new users remains difficult to say. Remember in this regard that Snapchat drastically corrected the Android version of its application at the start of the year to gain more customers.

    Let's not forget either that, during the summer, the FaceApp application had generated some concerns in terms of data security and we had concocted a file for you to discern the true from the false.

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