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    Spotify adds a handy sleep timer to its app

    The Spotify music streaming application now offers the possibility of adding a playback timer to its application. Thus, you can fall asleep with your music which will stop by itself after a given time.


    Listening to music is something that many do to fall asleep. But sometimes we forget to stop it and a rather punchy title can arrive and suddenly wake you up.

    That's why some Spotify users had asked for the integration of a timer feature. It's done since the Swedish firm is currently deploying an update adding this functionality.

    Good night, little ones

    A discreet integration since Spotify has not yet communicated on it and may be waiting for the update to be deployed on all devices. On our side, although we have downloaded the latest version of the application, this feature has not yet arrived, which means that its deployment is surely done on the server side and not via the Play Store.

    To use it, just launch a song or playlist you want to listen to, click on the play menu (the 3 dots to the right of the title), click on "Sleep Timer" and select a duration between 5, 10, 15, 30, 45 minutes, one hour or at the end of the title.

    As the update has not yet rolled out to our devices, these screenshots are from 9to5Google

    Thus the reading will stop at the moment you have chosen and you can enjoy a calm and peaceful night in your cozy mattress.


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