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    UC Browser finally lands on the Windows 10 Store

    UC Browser, after a ten month wait, it is now available to all PC e tablet Windows 10 in a new version dedicated to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), ie the application platform present on all devices running the latest release of the Redmond system.

    UC Browser comes with graphics focused on content with a minimalist look, not very different from the official browser of Windows 10. The development team says the graphical interface has been specially optimized to be used either via touch or using the more traditional combination of mouse and keyboard. A browser, in short, able to easily switch from tablet to PC mode, therefore, a perfect navigation tool for 2-in 1 models such as a Surface Pro or a Surface Book. A clean and linear design, but which hides a wide range of features. Here are the most interesting features.

    A browser to be discovered

    UC Browser supports, for example, mouse gestures and shows favorites in the form of Tiles (those large windows typical of Windows 10). There is also InPrivate browsing in order not to be tracked, a password management and protection system, the synchronization of bookmarks on the cloud to make them available on all your devices (PC, tablet and, in the future, even smartphones) and the "Omnibar“, A more advanced version of the address bar that also allows you to search through bookmarks, history items and on the web.

    Advanced voice search

    UC Browser is also equipped with the "Voice Search" function, that is Voice search: press the microphone icon and say the keywords (in cittàn) while the browser does everything else. Not bad as a feature for those who use the tablet a lot. UC Browser and, Right now, available in English only, but since the developers have explicitly asked users to send their feedback, we don't think it will be long for an cittàn version too.

    UC Browser finally lands on the Windows 10 Store

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