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    Untimely ads on [reader mail]

      Untimely ads on [reader mail]


      I am unhappy to no longer be able to go to your site, as well as that of Blue-hardware, because every 2 seconds, the screen is covered by untimely advertising pages, which completely prevents the consultation of your pages. I hope you can improve this untenable situation.

      Thank you for your great site which I appreciated a lot when I could consult it normally.

      R. of Switzerland


      Sorry you encountered this problem.
      But I hope that it does not come from us: our management
      advertisers must not display advertisements
      with popups... let alone every 2 seconds...!

      Hypothesis: are you unlucky enough to have adware/spyware installed on your computer and showing you these advertisements?


      Good evening, Thank you for your answer According to your advice, I tried to eliminate any adware/spyware with Ad-Aware It is indeed much better with regard to "Les Numériques" there is no longer a problem. I still have a little problem to solve with "Blue-Hardware" there is still a window that opens partially with each click that I make on the screen, but no more advertising that seems to be blocked. I'm sorry to have wasted your time with my problem, but I never had this unwanted advertisement on the other sites I visit. [... editor's note: lots of nice thanks: ) cut off so as not to congratulate themselves too much]



      It seems that you are the victim of software that displays advertisements based on your habits and preferences, which it spies on (Gator type software (gain), which is installed with certain freeware).

      If ad-aware can't clean everything, you can try spybot search and destroy, or even ccleaner (be careful with the latter, you have to understand the options checked before "cleaning", cleaning too deep can cause more problems than he resolves...).

      Finally, a solution (which I haven't tried) is to create a log (text file that lists the extent of the damage) with the hijackthis software, which notes the differences with a "standard" installation. It then remains to analyze it, which is not necessarily obvious.

      Good luck, and see you soon on the site

      Clarification from our colleagues at Blue-Hardware:

      "No popups, no pop unders or any other crap of this kind is posted on BH. Matter of principle.

      Beware of the possible presence in the browser of exotic toolbars whose main mission is to display intrusive advertisements all the time."

      Note that Blue-Hardware published some time ago a very useful file devoted to the removal of spyware.

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