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    What are the best smartphones for photography in 2022?

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    For many, the photo part is very important when it comes to choosing a new phone. Which ones are doing the best? Here is our selection of the best photophones.

    The best smartphones for photography: the top 3

    The best at Apple 9 /10

    Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

    • Three stabilized high-flying sensors
    • A larger main sensor
    • Excellent autonomy
    The test €1 The best in photos 219/9

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

    • A complete and very versatile photo module
    • The stunning 10x zoom
    • A smartphone of exceptions on all other points
    The €929 Google test in great shape 9/10

    Google Pixel 6 Pro

    • The excellence of Google's algorithms
    • Night mode is one of the most effective
    • Very high-flying services
    The test 899 €

    Photographers are used to saying that “the best camera is the one you always have on you”. In this regard, our smartphones are often unbeatable. Add to that their growing photo quality and they have plenty to compete with some cameras, at least for everyday use.

    Versatility of different lenses, quality of algorithms to improve portrait mode and night shots, daytime image sharpness… We test more than a hundred smartphones a year, focusing on each of these details. In this selection, you will find those which are for us the best smartphones of the moment in photo and which will allow you to immortalize your memories, whatever the situation.

    To learn more
    Why you always have a big nose in smartphone photos

    If you are interested in the best smartphones in general, we have a comparison of the best smartphones.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra The best in pictures

    9 / 10 Product sheet See the Rakuten Marketplace test 929 €
    • A complete and very versatile photo module
    • The stunning 10x zoom
    • A smartphone of exceptions on all other points
    Available at € 929 on Rakuten Marketplace

    The Galaxy S20 Ultra was our photo reference in early 2020, so its successor was leaving with high expectations. Truce of suspense: not only does the Galaxy S21 Ultra do as well as its ancestor, but it builds on its strengths.

    This allows it to establish itself unquestionably as the best photophone of the moment and more generally the best Android smartphone.

    The photo module is once again based around a 108 Mpx main sensor, to which are added a 12 Mpx ultra wide-angle and two 10 Mpx sensors with 10x and 3x optical zoom respectively. The set is particularly bulky and Samsung does not even try to hide it anymore.

    The imposing module photo du Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra // Source: Arnaud Gelineau - ifastrecovery

    The results are impressive. Not only is the main sensor very comfortable in all situations, but the telephoto lenses are stunning. The 10x zoom is thus perfectly sharp and therefore usable. The 100x digital zoom is also making a comeback in an improved, much more stable version. It's fun, but the quality is still too degraded to have any real use from an aesthetic point of view. In general, the S21 Ultra is therefore the most efficient and versatile photophone on the market and it is very difficult to fault it.

    The rest of the device is in keeping: the screen is by far the best on the market and the new Exynos 2100 processor manages to reconcile power and energy saving. Result: the autonomy is good, with almost two days of use and a fast charge which requires an hour to refuel.

    The only real regret: the charger is no longer supplied and, as with Apple, it's a poor choice at this price level.

    Samsung therefore makes an almost perfect copy with a high-flying photophone billed without surprise at a stratospheric price.

    You will find all the details in our Galaxy S21 Ultra review.

    Also, don't hesitate to watch our snapshot comparison video with the iPhone 13 Pro Max to see for yourself the differences with Apple's flagship.

    Where to buy the
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra at the best price?
    • Rakuten Marketplace 929 € Discover the offer
    • Fnac Marketplace € 972 Discover the offer
    • Rue du Commerce 981 € Discover the offer
    • Amazon Marketplace € 1 Discover the offer
    • Carrefour € 1 Discover the offer
    • Cdiscount Marketplace € 1 Discover the offer
    • Topbiz € 1 Discover the offer
    • eBay Marketplace € 1 Discover the offer
    See more offers

    Google Pixel 6 Pro Google in great shape

    9 / 10 Product sheet See the Fnac test 899 €
    • The excellence of Google's algorithms
    • Night mode is one of the most effective
    • Very high-flying services
    Available at 899 € on Fnac

    With the Pixel 6 Pro, Google decides to tackle the high-end market head-on. It starts with a daring look, with a photo module that takes up the entire width of the phone. This is surprising, but we can only admit that it is all the more successful as the ergonomics are quite good. However, we remain on a large smartphone that will be used with two hands.

    The Google Pixel 6 Pro en main // Source: Arnaud Gelineau - ifastrecovery

    On the display side, the 6,7-inch OLED panel is very well made. Colors and brightness are to match and we are entitled to adaptive 120 Hz, now the norm at this price level.

    Internally, it was the Tensor processor designed in-house with Samsung, which was expected. If the latter ensures perfect fluidity to the system, it does not manage to steal the crown of performance from the Snapdragon 888, especially in game. The chip is however specialized for specialized calculations related to the photo.

    On the photo side, it is as always very good that Google offers us. The three sensors show remarkable versatility and the algorithms bordering on black magic make it possible to take shots in unlikely conditions. There are a few small weaknesses, such as focusing issues or a fairly present lens flare, but overall it's a big yes for the photo. Finally, the autonomy is simply excellent since we last almost two days on a charge.

    With this Pixel 6 Pro, Google remains at the forefront of photography, but also manages to compete with the best on the market with a real affordable flagship.

    For all the details, read our Google Pixel 6 Pro review. Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: here is the long list of bugs to know before buying them

    The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro have been quite rightly acclaimed by critics, but for the past few months they have been plagued with problems and bugs that appear over the course of updates. We have…

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