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    Windows 10 Coming New Features: What They Are

    Microsoft keep adding new features a Windows 10, gradually bringing them to the beta versions released to users registered in the "fast ring", the restricted circle of subscribers to the Windows Insider Program to whom the Redmond house shows a preview of what the Windows 10 operating system in the future.

    In the 19603 build, currently being worked on, the news are many and also quite substantial. Recall that Microsoft has been working hard in recent months to "rejuvenate" its operating system and make it more attractive to users, in the hope of keeping them closer to computers and less to smartphones. Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19603, released in the fast ring on April XNUMX, is one such attempt and includes some long-announced features. As always, however, it is not certain that what is in the beta today will be included in the official updates tomorrow. They are tests and may remain so.

    Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19603: what's new

    La main new feature of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19603 is probably a new tool for the cleaning the disk from unnecessary files. In an age where, at the same time, the disks are increasingly in SSD technology and the files are always larger, deleting unnecessary documents becomes important. This tool does nothing but show the user temporary files, apps and little-used features, large files and those "abandoned" on the desktop so that they can clean up with a few clicks.

    Then there is a new one news bar, located in the notification area to the right of the screen, which draws from over 4500 qualified journalistic sources. It is then possible access the files of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (the Linux environment integrated into Windows) directly from File Explorer. A new feature for multimedia is also coming: it is a revised and corrected re-edition of the multimedia controls integrated in the volume management tool, at the bottom right, which now also include the name of the track being played and the app that is playing it. Latest news: inside the Settings now there is a "News" window, from which you can more easily find out all the changes brought about by the upgrades.

    Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19603: fix e problemi

    Together with the news, with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19603 There are also dozens of fixes to known problems and, unfortunately, other known problems: it is the very spirit of the Insider Preview, which contain many news that are still in beta (such as the news bar) and which, inevitably, bring with itself also of malfunctions. It is now up to fast ring members to test this build and report further bugs.

    Windows 10 Coming New Features: What They Are

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