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    Windows 10, the latest update brings with it many new features: what they are

    The development of the Windows 10, with several builds currently being tested in the "Fast Ring", the ring of testers enrolled in the Windows Insider Program who receive OS news first, test them, and then report any problems or bugs to Microsoft.

    In the 19608 build, for example, two important new features are included, both of which have been highly requested by users in the past. The first has to do with the search for files on the disk and it was released to half of the testers, at first, and now to everyone else too. The second novelty concerns the development of the My Phone app (My Phone, in the cittàn Microsoft store) and is being tested with Fast Ring users equipped with Samsung smartphone. Microsoft and Samsung, in fact, since last August have collaborated on the development of this app to connect Android phones with Windows computers as much as possible.

    Windows 10 build 19608: what's new for research

    The search box novelty, which Microsoft included in the 19608 build of Windows 10, allows users to easily associate a certain file type with a default app to open them. Choose the default app for a file type, today, on Windows 10 it is still a rather cumbersome and cumbersome procedure. With this new functionality the user can directly search for a file extension and see which program it is associated with. This way he can decide to change the program immediately with another app.

    Windows 10 build 19608: news for smartphones

    With the build 19608 on Windows 10Then comes a very useful feature that could make the long-awaited quantum leap to the My Phone app available for Microsoft's operating system: the ability to drag files from your computer to your phone, and vice versa. Currently this feature is only available if your phone and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and only if your phone is a Samsung Galaxy with the Link to Windows app installed. There are still some youth problems, such as the inability to initiate a second file transfer if the first is not completed, which suggest that this feature needs to be developed better before releasing it to the general public.

    Windows 10, the latest update brings with it many new features: what they are

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