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    Windows 10, with the latest update, PCs are slower

    Windows 10, with the latest update, PCs are slower

    Microsoft recently released Windows 4512941 update KB10. This is not a big update, but a simple update that solves some bugs and improves the use of some features of the operating system. Eg Windows Sandbox and the "Remote Desktop Connection" which shows the black screen when you try to use it. The update that has just been released and which can be downloaded and installed via Windows Update has some problems. At least so the first users who have it report installed. It would increase, and by a lot, CPU usage significantly slowing down PC performance.

    The first reports were published on Reddit, a forum widely used in the United States, and in a short time the comments were dozens and dozens. All users reported the same problem: an increase in CPU usage and a decrease in computer performance. By analyzing the "Task Manager" tab, some experts have found the cause of the problem: the culprit is Cortana, the assistant present on all Windows PCs. In fact, with the Windows 10 update Microsoft has released a faulty version of Cortana , which in addition to increasing the CPU consumption does not even show the search results.

    Windows 10 update: the problem is Cortana

    A mistake from Microsoft. This could be the cause of the Windows 10 slowdowns encountered by many users who have installed the latest update. Inside the update there would be a corrupted version of Cortana which requires a higher consumption of the PC's CPU. Looking at the Task Manager, the cause of the problem is SearchUI.exe which shows an increase in processor consumption of 30-40% compared to before.

    On the official Microsoft forum there are many users who complain about the problem: some have found a memory increase of 150MB. Resulting in slowdown on the part of the PC. This, however, would not be the only malfunction encountered by users. Cortana, in addition to putting stress on the PC, does not work. If you try to do some research from the "hole" in the Windows 10 Start menu, it does not return any results.

    After user reports, Microsoft would be working to release a new update shortly that will fix the problem.

    How to solve the problem

    If you don't want to wait for the update from Microsoft, you can solve the problem yourself uninstalling the problematic update. To do this you need to enter the Control Panel and then the Update and Security section.

    Windows 10, with the latest update, PCs are slower

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