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    You can see DAZN without blocks or clicks on the digital terrestrial

    You can see DAZN without blocks or clicks on the digital terrestrial

    Those who have tried to use DAZN on the smartphone app, on the Smart TV app and on the app intended for streaming devices (Fire TV Stick, Chromecast etc.) will surely have noticed that often the live football matches are full of blocks or drops in resolution (pixel effect clearly evident), with the app that out of the blue shows the hateful buffering wheel, which effectively prevents live viewing of the chosen event.

    Unfortunately, the problem is not always our connection, but fortunately you can see DAZN without a wheel and without shots at the highest quality, using the same technology that was used by the old Pay TV operators (ie the broadcasting of football matches via digital terrestrial).

    In fact, therefore, you can always watch a Serie A football match on Dazn without streaming, like a normal digital terrestrial TV channel. To do this, however, it is necessary configure TIMVISION Box and DAZN Box and we will no longer be tied to the speed of the Internet connection or the stability, always poor, of the server that transmits the DAZN signal.

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    The simplest and most affordable method to see DAZN without a wheel or shots involves the purchase of the TIMVISION Box, available both in the new TIM subscriptions for fiber and as a dedicated subscription, which can be subscribed with any telephony operator.

    You can see DAZN without blocks or clicks on the digital terrestrial

    To see DAZN without annoying blocks or wheels we choose the most convenient TIMVISION offer (for Serie A matches we recommend the package TIMVISION Football and Sport at € 19,99 per month), we await the delivery of the TIM decoder and then proceed to connect to the home TV.

    The TIM decoder works like a normal decoder: we connect the cable of the TV antenna to the ANTENNA IN port on the back of the decoder, then we use the HDMI cable of the decoder to connect the decoder to the TV (RCA outputs and RCA-SCART cable for old televisions are also available). If we want to see digital terrestrial without a decoder, we can also use an antenna cable between the ANTENNA OUT and the antenna socket of the TV, so that we can see the TV channels even without a decoder.

    After making these connections, connect the TIMVISION Box power socket, turn on the TV and switch to the HDMI or similar source, taking care to select the source where the decoder is connected.

    After starting, get a computer or a phone and open the TIMVISION email or SMS, then press the key LOG IN TO DAZN. This will open the web page Welcome to DAZN with the possibility to choose between Create a new DAZN account o Log in. Now we can both create a new DAZN account and use an existing account; in the latter case, the payment settings chosen for TIMVISION will take precedence and overwrite any payment method used up to now for DAZN.

    If this is the first time we start the TIMVISION Box we will have to search for the digital terrestrial channels: so let's go to the home of the decoder, go to the top right of the gear icon, press on TV channels and subsequently on Search channels to start searching.

    To finish, let's go to the home of the TIMVISION decoder, press the menu at the top App, select the DAZN app and log in with the credentials created earlier. This step is crucial even if we do not want to watch the games in streaming: it is therefore necessary to connect the TIM decoder to the modem (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable) and proceed to access the DAZN app in order to take advantage of the transmission functions related to digital terrestrial.

    After having successfully accessed the DAZN app, let's go back to the home of the decoder, press on Live TV (or use the appropriate button on the decoder remote control) and select the channel 409 of digital terrestrial, where the DAZN Channel. If we see everything black, let's not worry: in some cases the channel is turned off, but it will be available again shortly before the start of the games.

    DAZN Box

    If we do not have fast internet at our home (therefore the coverage checks indicate only ADSL as the only way to access the Internet) we can see DAZN without a wheel or shots even by purchasing the DAZN Box, available on the Digiquest website.

    You can see DAZN without blocks or clicks on the digital terrestrial

    We carry out the coverage check as indicated on the page and, if DAZN confirms the lack of a fast Internet connection (no decoder if we have coverage FTTH from FTTC), we will be able to continue with the purchase of the decoder (139.99 euros in addition to shipping costs).

    After the purchase, we subscribe to DAZN and memorize the access credentials, as we will need them later also on the decoder.

    As soon as the decoder arrives at home, let's connect it as already seen for the TIMVISION Box (antenna cable, HDMI or other video outputs and power cable), start it and, when requested, enter the DAZN login credentials. The interface is very simple and allows you to immediately access the contents of DAZN (obviously after connecting the decoder to the Internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi).

    To take advantage of the digital terrestrial channel 409, all we have to do is open the content of our choice among those offered by DAZN and, as soon as a connection problem is detected, the decoder itself will show the warning window for switch to digital terrestrial viewing to activate the connection via antenna.

    You can see DAZN without blocks or clicks on the digital terrestrial

    By pressing on Switch to TV we will be immediately diverted to channel 409 of digital terrestrial, which is also the only channel that can be tuned with the decoder! On this decoder it is in fact only offered as a backup in case of a very slow or unstable connection, but it is not the reference method for accessing DAZN contents.


    As we have seen it is really possible to see DAZN without a wheel or shots, using the backup channel that DAZN has left active on the digital terrestrial (DAZN Channel channel number 409). This encrypted digital terrestrial channel broadcasts via antenna the best Serie A match of the day: in fact with this channel we will never use the Internet connection but the normal television antenna, avoiding all the problems of live streaming (quality drops, spinning wheel, transmission errors, etc.).

    Obviously being a single channel it is not possible to see all Serie A matches and the choice of what to broadcast is at the discretion of DAZN: it is advisable to have this thing in mind before using one of the two recommended decoders.

    If we fear that DAZN's problems are due to our line we can read our guide on how troubleshoot live video streaming, so as to eliminate at least in part the problems that accompany DAZN.

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