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    How to activate TIM call waiting

    Activate TIM call waiting on mobile

    How to activate TIM call waiting

    activate call waiting TIM it is a simple procedure that takes a few seconds of time. All you have to do is type in a key combination using your phone's keypad.

    Before activating the TIM call waiting, I suggest you check its status as the service may already be active on your SIM without your knowledge. Then take your smartphone, open the dialer (the app you use to make calls), call up the numeric keypad, enter the code * # # 43 and tap the button to start the call (it should be there green handset). Wait a few moments and check the activation status of the call waiting.

    • Voice call waiting enabled: the service is already active on your line.
    • Voice call waiting disabled: the service is not active on your SIM. If you make a call while you are on another conversation, your line is busy.

    Now, if you have made sure that call waiting is not active on your TIM line, you can proceed with activation. All you need to do is start the dialer, call up the numeric keypad of your smartphone, dial the code * 43 # and press the green handset (or the call start key). If all went well, the message Activation of setup successful. Voice call waiting will confirm that the service has been activated.

    With call waiting on, you can handle a second call while you are already in conversation. An acoustic signal alerts you of a new call and, subsequently, you can choose whether to end the ongoing conversation and answer the other call, whether to put the current party on hold to answer the new call or to forward the incoming call to the answering machine telephone (in this regard, my guide on how to activate TIM answering machine could be useful).

    How to activate TIM call waiting

    You must know that TIM call waiting on mobile is completely free. In fact, the service has no activation / deactivation costs, no recurring fees and no additional costs for any alerts received.

    At any time you can decide to deactivate the service by repeating what described above for activation: after starting the dialer and recalled on numeric keypad, dial the code # 43 # and start the call. If you see the message on the screen Deactivation of successful setting. Voice call waiting, the deactivation was successful. Press the button Close And that's it.

    Activate TIM call waiting on landline

    How to activate TIM call waiting

    activate the TIM call waiting on landline you must first request activation from the customer service of the well-known telephone company and then proceed with activation using your telephone.

    Before explaining how to activate call waiting on your TIM landline, you should know that, unlike what was previously indicated for mobile phones, the service has a recurring cost of 2 euro / month. The activation, deactivation and query on the status of call waiting is free of charge.

    To proceed, take your phone (it must have a numeric keypad), dial the code * # # 43 and initiate the call to check the status of the service. If you listen to the message The call waiting service is not active, it means that call waiting is not currently active on your line.

    Then enter the number 187 and initiates the call to request activation from TIM customer service. After listening to the welcome message, carefully follow the instructions provided by the voice guide and press the combination of keys to speak to a real person to whom you can request activation of the call waiting. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to contact TIM operator.

    After requesting the service by calling 187, you are ready to activate it from your phone. Then dial the code * 43 #, start the call and listen to the recorded message that will confirm that call waiting has been activated.

    If you are wondering how to use the service, you should know that a beep alerts you of a new incoming call when you are busy in another conversation. Press the buttons R (usually the same for hanging up a call) e 2 on your phone to answer the new call, leaving the other on hold, while to end the conversation in progress and continue with the other, press the buttons R e 1.

    It will be useful to know that if you do not answer after the sixth ring, the caller will receive the busy tone, while you will hear two beeps. Once the conversation is over, you can use the service Last call to find out the number of who called you while you were engaged in the other conversation. The service costs 10 cents per consultation and is available by calling the number 42400.

    At any time, you can decide to disable call waiting at no additional cost. To proceed, take your phone, dial the code # 43 # and start the call, then listen to the message of the recorded voice and hang up to complete the deactivation.

    Activate TIM's LoSai

    How to activate TIM call waiting

    Are you not thrilled by the idea of ​​putting a party on hold to switch to another call? If so, you can choose to activate TIM's LoSai, a mobile service that allows you to receive an SMS alert when your number is busy in another conversation or unreachable. The service costs 1,59 euro / month (the first month is free) and also includes ChiamaOra by TIM that lets you know when a busy or unreachable number becomes available.

    If you think this solution is the most suitable for your needs, take your smartphone and call the free number 40920. After the welcome message, press the button 0 to activate LoSai and ChiamaOra by TIM, wait online for a few moments and that's it. Since the combination of keys to press is subject to change, I recommend that you carefully follow the instructions of the recorded voice in order not to activate unwanted services.

    You must know that you can activate TIM's LoSai also from the area MyTIM of the telephone company's website. To proceed, connected to the official TIM website, click on the item MyTIM present at the top right, enter your login details in the fields Username e Password e pulsing sul pulsating Log in. If you have not yet registered on the TIM website, you can read my in-depth guide.

    Now, select the tab MyTIM Mobile at the top, click on the entry Services and identify the section Call management, dopodiché pigia sul pulsnte vai related to the option LoSai and ChiamaOra by TIM and click on the button Attiva. In case of second thoughts, you can deactivate the service at any time without additional costs by pressing the button disable. To learn more, I leave you to my guide on how to disable TIM's LoSai.

    How to activate TIM call waiting

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