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    How to disable Wind options

    How to disable WINDTRE options

    Let's enter immediately into the merits of the subject by seeing how to disable WINDTRE options. Below you will find explained how to do this by contacting the assistance of the manager by phone, via the app and in the store.


    How to disable Wind options

    As for acting from phone, know that it is possible to disable the active options on your WINDTRE SIM by contacting the assistance via the number 159.

    Provide, therefore, to dial the number 159 on dialer phone (the dialing screen) and initiate the call. After calling the number, follow the instructions given to you by the guide voice to speak to the first available consultant.

    At the time of writing, to do this you have to wait to continue in the main menu, after which you have to press the button 2 and wait for assistance with the number you are calling from and then press the button 5 to speak to an operator. To receive assistance with another numbering, you must instead type the button 1 and provide the number for which you intend to receive assistance.

    Since WINDTRE could change the sequence to talk to a consultant at any time, always follow the instructions of the voice guide to be able to talk to an operator and avoid any problems. In any case, when the first WINDTRE customer care consultant takes care of your request, be sure to tell the latter the option name that you intend to deactivate (if for example you want deactivate the Wind All Inclusive option, pronounce the name of the latter). In addition, provide the consultant with all the necessary information to proceed with the request and follow any instructions he will give you.

    I remind you that the call is free if made from a WINDTRE number (as long as it is not made from abroad) and it is possible to contact the operator's customer care every day and at any time (although for this type of operation I suggest you do this between 08: 00-23: 00 to avoid any problems).


    How to disable Wind options

    Another way to get in touch with WINDTRE assistance and request the deactivation of an option on your SIM is to act fromWINDTRE app. After installing it on your Android device (it is also available on alternative stores) or iOS / iPadOS, log in to your account. In case you have not yet created one, proceed by following the instructions given to you on the screen: you simply have to type the your WINDTRE number and confirm your identity through the verification code that you will receive via SMS (more info here).

    Once this is done, click on thelittle man (bottom right), write "Disable option [option name]" (e.g. if you want disable the Wind All Us option, write “Disable the wind option all of us”, while if you want disable the Wind 5 Giga option, write “Disable the 5 giga wind option”) in typing bar at the bottom of the screen and press the icon of theletter aeroplanino located at the bottom right, so as to send your request.

    Finally, agree to speak to a customer care consultant by pressing the button Yes, wait for your request to be handled by the first available operator and provide the latter with all the necessary details to proceed.


    How to disable Wind options

    Another assistance mode that can allow you to proceed with the deactivation of an active WINDTRE option on your SIM is to go to the menu shop. Explaining how to proceed in this case seems to me almost superfluous: in fact, you just need to go to one of the many WINDTRE stores located throughout the country and proceed with your request.

    To find the WINDTRE store closest to you, go to the operator's website, click on the button Allow to allow Google Maps to access the location of your device and locate the nearest point of sale on the map.

    After identifying the WINDTRE store of your interest, go there (taking care to bring a valid identity document with you, as they may require it) and ask one of the consultants who are present to help you deactivate the option of your interest. You will see that they will be happy to help you.

    In case of problems or doubts

    How to disable Wind options

    Have you encountered any problems or doubts regarding the deactivation of an option on your WINDTRE line? If so, contact the manager support and ask the operator who will assist you to help you.

    The assistance channels are almost the ones I have already told you about in this guide, but if you want to deepen the topic further, take a look at the article in which I explain in detail how to talk to a WINDTRE operator. I am sure it will be useful to you.

    How to disable Wind options

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