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    How to solve inefficiencies and blocks of DAZN

    How to solve inefficiencies and blocks of DAZN

    With the arrival of all Serie A matches on DAZN, many users have turned up their noses, also given the numerous problems that this streaming service has caused in past years (where the number of matches broadcast was much less). DAZN guaranteed an upgrade of the infrastructure that distributes streaming content, but the inefficiencies presented themselves punctually with the arrival of the first night games or with the first big matches, that is the games that attract more users connected simultaneously.

    If we also ran into some problems with DAZN, in this guide we will see together what causes DAZN problems, why it is not always possible to intervene personally and what we can do for view DAZN without problems, thus making our viewing station "perfect" (then patience if DAZN jumps, at least it's not our fault!).

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    What causes the disservices on DAZN

    Per poter distribuire i contenuti in diretta streaming DAZN fa uso dei cosiddetti CDN (Content Delivery Network), ossia una potente rete di server pensata per poter distribuire i contenuti alla massima qualità su qualsiasi connessione presente in el paese.

    How to solve inefficiencies and blocks of DAZN

    This network must be proportionate to the number of users who are supposed to be connected to view the event and must also provide the necessary optimization based on the type of operating system and the display method chosen by the user. If even one of the servers on the CDN becomes "filled" with users or crashes, viewing can be difficult, with buffering, image delays and error messages appearing.

    If the problem is with the CDN, there is little that individual users can do: anche con una veloce linea in fibra ottica (da 1000 Mega o più) incapperemo negli stessi problemi di un utente che ha una semplice ADSL. Di contro il problema con un singolo server della CDN può portare problemi solo in alcune zone specifiche d'el paese, mentre in altre zone la visualizzazione procede senza problemi anche su linee lente (come l'ADSL) grazie alla presenza di un maggior numero di server CDN a cui connetterci.

    How to troubleshoot DAZN

    In the vast majority of cases then it is not the user's fault but the service provider's: If we ran into a problem with DAZN's CDN we have very few things we can attempt to try to fix and keep watching the game.

    In the following chapters we will show you the attempts we can make from home for try to connect to a more stable CDN server right away without waiting for the service provider to resolve the problem with its distribution network upstream.

    Restart the modem

    As soon as the typical problems with DAZN appear (buffering, quality deterioration or error messages) the advice we can give you is to restart your home modem immediately. Restarting the modem of our connection we will interrupt any connection with the problematic CDN and, with a bit of luck, at the next restart of the connection we will be able to start DAZN and connect to a less clogged server.

    How to solve inefficiencies and blocks of DAZN

    It is therefore not sufficient to close the app or turn off the device we were using up to that moment, since the connection with the CDN could still be active. By completely turning off the modem we will be sure of being able to get a new connection to the service (possibly less problematic).

    Use the browser instead of the official app

    Another useful tip with DAZN is to switch to viewing streaming channels directly from the browser integrated into the Smart TV, avoiding the use of the official app or other third-party viewing devices (Chromecast, Fire TV Stick) during the most important games.

    How to solve inefficiencies and blocks of DAZN

    After restarting the modem then we turn on our Smart TV and identify, among the available apps, the one known as Web browser, Browser o Internet. After opening the browser of the TV, type (in the address bar) the URL to access the DAZN site and, with the help of the directional arrows, move the cursor and finally press on Log in.

    After entering the credentials, we select the sporting event in the list and wait for the streaming to start: in doing so we will be able to see the event with excellent quality, without interruptions (except for surprises from the CDN). In order to enjoy the full screen, we press on the lower right corner of the live broadcast, so as to occupy the entire TV screen.

    If our TV is not equipped with Smart functionality or the integrated browser does not work with DAZN we can use the browser built into the Fire TV Stick or the browser on the Chromecast with Google TV to see the games.

    Optimize the network connection

    Alongside the advice seen previously, we can also try to optimize the network connection, following the suggestions valid for all streaming services:

    • Use the Ethernet connection: when we use streaming services such as DAZN the best possible connection is the one with the cable, which we can connect both to the Smart TV and to other devices compatible with DAZN (console, decoder, TV Box or PC).
    • Use the 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection: if we want to view DAZN from a smartphone or tablet, make sure you are connected to the 5GHz Wi-Fi network of our modem, avoiding using the 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi network (now too slow to stream).
    • Disconnect other devices on the network: even if we have the optical fiber as a home connection, it is better to leave off all the other devices that may occupy bandwidth while viewing DAZN. If possible, we try to leave only the Smart TV connected to the modem, disconnecting or turning off any other device capable of downloading large amounts of data (console, PC, notebook, Decoder, NAS, etc.).

    If the problems with DAZN continue we can always refer to ours guide to speed up DAZN and Netflix to solve the most common problems and get back to watching games without problems.


    DAZN is a great streaming service but it often falls into some problems that are amplified on a social level: After all, football is a popular sport and, in case of streaming problems, the media pillory is assured. If we run into some problems with DAZN, let's not lose heart and try the advice seen above, so as to immediately solve the vast majority of problems.

    If we are passionate about football and want to follow all the matches we can find out how watch DAZN games on your PC, TV or phone and all app to watch live football streaming on Android and iPhone.

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