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Wake up the iPhone by typing the correct code

If the above writing appeared on your iPhone screen "IPhone is disabled" after accidentally typing the wrong unlock code for six times in a row, you can easily cope with the matter by being patient until the time indicated on the display expires (try again in x minute (s)) and then entering the code correctly.

Once this is done, you can start using your iPhone as if nothing ever happened. All your apps, your data and so on will be there, in their place.

It should be noted that the iPhone is disabled after entering the wrong unlock code several times as a preventive measure, adopted by Apple, to prevent any malicious people or much more simply other unauthorized users from touching the contents of the device.

During the blocking phase, the only operation that can be undertaken is making emergency calls, after tapping the button Emergency thoroughly schermo.

Wake up the iPhone via iTunes

If, on the other hand, you are interested in understanding how to reactivate the iPhone after the fateful message appears but you do not remember the device lock code, you can intervene using iTunes, the Apple software for managing multimedia files as well as its mobile devices.

If you have one Mac iTunes is part of the pre-installed applications on your computer, while if you use Windows you should have downloaded and installed it first, as I explained to you in my tutorial on how to install iTunes. To use it for your purpose it is also essential that you have used iTunes at least once, before the iPhone was deactivated, to synchronize the device.

In this case, however, keep it in mind, the device will be restored to the factory state so you can only recover data, apps and settings if you previously performed a backup iPhone, as I explained to you in my guide on how to backup iPhone.

Having made the above clarifications, to reactivate the device, connect it to one USB port computer using the Lightning cable. Then wait for the iPhone to be recognized by iTunes and for the software to start automatically and wait a few more moments for the synchronization procedure to be started and completed.

If after connecting the iPhone to iTunes you see a warning appear asking you to type a code, try to perform the procedure in question on another computer or follow the instructions on how to reactivate the iPhone stuck at startup or in recovery mode that you find in the final part of the tutorial.

If everything is going the right way, press on button with the iPhone which is in the upper left part of the iTunes window and click on the button Restore iPhone ... annexed to the section Riepilogo of the program.

Pigia poi su Reset / Reset e Update, its Following and Accept, in order to accept the terms of use of iOS and start the download of the latest version of the Apple mobile operating system available for your iDevice (the duration of the procedure depends on the speed of your Internet connection).

When the download is complete, you will see a message appear on the computer screen that will notify you that the iPhone has been restored to its factory state. You will therefore have to decide, by selecting the relevant option on the mobile phone display, whether to configure the device as a new one or whether to restore data, apps and settings from a previously made backup.

Wake up the iPhone via Find My iPhone

As an alternative to the above procedure, you can reactivate your iPhone using Find my iPhone, the anti-theft system made available by Apple for its devices, which, as you can guess from the name, allows you to identify lost iDevices on the map but can also be very useful for the purpose in question.

However, keep in mind the fact that to be able to use it, the service must have been previously activated on the iPhone, by accessing the section Settings iOS, by pressing on you don't know which is up, then up iCloud, its Find my iPhone and carrying his ON il relative interruttore.

Another thing I want to clarify is that going to reactivate the iPhone in this way you will lose all the data saved on the device, as this will be restored to the factory state. However, if you have previously performed a backup, once the procedure is completed you can restore everything without problems, as I also indicated in the previous step.

Having said that, to succeed in your intent the first thing you need to do is to visit the main page of from your computer and log into your Apple account by typing the required login data in the appropriate fields on the screen.

Once logged in, if necessary, set the language and time zone, then click on the button Save and choose whether or not to authorize the browser used for future access. Then select the icon of Find iPhone, enter your Apple ID password again and press Log in.

Once this is done, you will be shown a map with the geographical position in which your iPhone is located and that of any other Apple devices you own (and connected to the same account). Then click on the menu All devices located at the top, select the name of your iPhone from the list that opens and click on Initialize the iPhone in the side pane.

Now type your Apple ID password and choose whether to receive a message at the end of the operation and / or display a personalized message on the device screen. At this point, the iPhone will be immediately restored to the factory state and on the iCloud web page you will see a warning indicate what.

Similarly to the procedure performed by iTunes, acting from the iPhone you will then have to decide whether to configure your iDevice as a new one or whether to restore its contents from a previous backup.

Finally, if you are interested in this, I would like to point out that the same operations above can also be performed by any other iOS device, using theFind My iPhone app, pre-installed on all iDevices and downloadable from the App Store. The steps to be taken are practically the same but the "clicks" must be replaced by the "taps".

Reactivate iPhone locked at startup

Is your iPhone stuck on the startup screen or you don't know how to reactivate it? Take advantage of the recovery mode! In this way, the mobile phone and its code will be initialized and then you can use it again without problems. Keep in mind that even then you need iTunes (for info about it, refer to the step on how to reactivate the iPhone via iTunes).

To do this, first connect your Apple smartphone to one USB port of your computer using the Lightning cable and wait a few moments for iTunes to start.

While the device is connected, force restart. The steps you need to take to do this vary depending on the iPhone model you have. Find more details below.

  • Stai using a iPhone 6s or earlier, you can force it to restart by holding down the key   and key Home for about ten seconds.
  • Stai using a iPhone 7 oppure an iPhone 7 Plus, you can force it to restart by holding down the power button and key Volume [-] for about ten seconds.
  • If you are using an iPhone X, an iPhone 8 or a 8 iPhone Plus, you can force it to restart by pressing and quickly releasing the key Volume [+], then the key Volume [-] and finally you have to hold down the right side button for about ten seconds.

Release the grip only when you see the on the iPhone screen Apple logo. In the meantime, a window will appear on the computer desktop indicating that there is a problem with the smartphone and therefore the device must be updated or reset. You respond to the alert by pressing the button Restore.

The download via iTunes of the latest version of iOS compatible with your iPhone will then be started and when the download is complete, an additional message will appear on the desktop indicating that your iDevice has been restored to the factory state.

If the download of the latest version of iOS takes more than 15 minutes, the device will exit the recovery mode and you will need to repeat all the steps just seen together all over again.

If everything went well, you can finally indicate whether to configure the device as a new iPad or whether to restore data, apps and settings using a backup made previously, similar to what has already been seen together in the step on how to reactivate the iPhone by acting from iTunes.

In case of further problems or doubts

Have you followed my guide on how to reactivate the iPhone in detail but have not yet succeeded in your intent? In the course of construction, other problems have arisen that you cannot cope with on your own and would you like further help? Then contact the Apple customer service.

Based on your needs and preferences as well as, obviously the means in your possession, you can get in touch with Apple's assistance in various ways, those that you find indicated and explained right below.

  • Means phone - Call the toll-free number +800 915 904 XNUMX and follow the instructions of the voice guide. The call is free and the number is active from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 19:45.
  • Via the Web - Go to the dedicated online support page on the Apple website, select theiPhone related icon and follow the on-screen procedure to indicate the type of problem encountered and obtain the necessary support. I also point out that from this page of the Apple site it is possible to specifically request the deactivation of the iPhone activation lock by contacting an Apple Support consultant. More info here.
  • Via Apple Support app - Download the Apple Support app on another iDeivce of yours, launch it, connect to your Apple account, select theiPhone from the list of devices for which you want to get help and from the list that appears presses on the item that interests you. Proceed by following the onscreen instructions.
  • Via Twitter - Visit the verified account @AppleSupport and send him a tweet or a DM indicating what your problems are. You will soon receive an answer.
  • Through the Apple Store - Go to an Apple Store in person and ask for support from employees. To find the Apple Store closest to your area, you can refer to the list on the appropriate Internet page.

If you feel you need more privations on what to do, I invite you to read my article dedicated specifically to how to contact Apple.

How to wake iPhone

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