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What is Certified Electronic Mail

More commonly called PEC, Certified Electronic Mail is a Webmail service that allows you to send certified emails over the Internet. Unlike the other more famous Webmail services, such as Gmail or Outlook, for example, the PEC is used to send emails with legal validity. Emails sent to a PEC address, through a PEC address, in fact, are certified and this means that they have the same legal value as a registered letter with return receipt.

Certified Electronic Mail is therefore a tool for sending and receiving emails, but it differs precisely for its integration of a tool that certifies these electronic communications. Being in possession of a PEC and using it to send this type of email may therefore prove necessary, if for example you need to send official communications.

At this point, a clarification must be made: the PEC is not mandatory for all private citizens. The obligation to have a certified e-mail address is in fact present only for companies, professionals, individual firms and public administrations.

This obligation just mentioned has been active since June 2013. All those who are in the categories indicated above must obligatorily communicate their Certified Electronic Mail address to the Business Register. As for all private citizens, as just mentioned, the possession of a PEC is not mandatory. However, I would like to recommend the purchase of a PEC address to those who often need to send registered letters or official communications. The PEC is an excellent alternative for those who need to communicate officially with public bodies.

Speaking more in detail of the functioning of the PEC, I would like to make a reassurance: using the PEC is not at all difficult; you just need to put in a little effort and you will be able to learn in a short time.

Not surprisingly, at the user interface level, the PEC is very similar to the other Webmail services. Yes, because you do not need to install any type of software dedicated to the PEC to use this type of email with legal value.

The PEC is nothing more than an e-mail address and, as such, can be used via the Web. Usually, in fact, the companies that provide the PEC also indicate the Internet address to which you can go to use the PEC.

Alternatively, those who use e-mail in a desktop client can configure the use of the PEC in the same software. The PEC is configured with the traditional POP and IMAP protocols: in this way it will be possible to receive and send emails using the client that is usually used for traditional mail. We must not forget the possibility of using the PEC on Android and iOS; some service companies offer the dedicated application.

Finally we need to talk about the practical functioning of the PEC: the difference with a traditional email is in the system for sending and receiving validated emails. After sending an email to the recipient's PEC address, you will automatically receive two notifications (assignment and delivery). The first certifies that the mail has been sent to the recipient, while the second certifies that the email has been delivered to the recipient.

How to activate Certified Email

As explained above, the Certified Electronic Mail it is not free. Until recently the service existed Post Certificate @ which allowed to obtain a PEC address free of charge for sending verified emails to Public Administration entities. The service in question has not been active since 2014; this means that, to date, to obtain a PEC address it is necessary pay a subscription.

The cost is still very affordable: service companies usually sell a PEC address at a price of 5/10 euros per year. Some also offer the use of the PEC for free but only for a short trial period.

Below I show you the most famous companies that provide the purchase of a PEC email at affordable prices.

PEC LegalMail

The PEC LegalMail is provided by the InfoCert company; it is a service designed specifically for professionals and companies. The prices for the purchase of the certified e-mail are higher than the competition but only because it is a service that targets businesses.

The PEC LegalMail can be used free of charge for one trial period with a duration of 6 months. The prices of the certified e-mail are as follows:

  • PEC Bronze: 25 euros per year + VAT. Included in the price is a 5 GB PEC mailbox, also accessible from mobile.
  • PEC Silver: 39 euros per year + VAT. Included in the price is an 8 GB PEC mailbox, also accessible from smartphones and tablets.
  • PEC Gold: 75 euros per year + VAT. Included in the price is a 15 GB PEC mailbox. It is also accessible from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

To activate a PEC mailbox from LegailMail, you must first purchase it by going to its official website.

City post office

Designed both for the needs of individuals and for those of companies, Poste cittàne offers an excellent PEC service with really affordable prices.

The rate plans that can be subscribed to activate a PEC of Poste cittàne are the following:

  • PEC Base for individuals: € 5,50 + VAT per year. You get a PEC mailbox with 100MB storage space. However, there is a limitation on sending only 200 emails per day. The PEC purchased can be used for a period of time between 1 and 3 years.
  • PEC Base Business: designed for companies, this plan allows you to obtain at least 5 PEC accounts with 1GB of space each. Also in this case there is the limitation of sending 200 emails per day. PEC boxes purchased can last for 3 years.
  • Advanced Business PEC: always aimed at companies, this subscription allows the purchase of at least 5 PEC mailboxes, each with 1GB of space. The maximum number of emails that can be sent daily is 200. Unlike the previous plan, this allows you to obtain the replacement storage service for all PEC notices and receipts. The PEC boxes purchased can last for a period of time ranging from 1 to 3 years.

The prices for the PEC Business mailboxes will be communicated privately to the companies that request them. To activate the Base for individuals, go to the official website of Poste cittàne and make the purchase.


A company known on the web for its hosting services, Aruba offers the purchase of a PEC mailbox with equally affordable prices for individuals and companies. The tariff plans that can be subscribed for the activation of the PEC are the following:

  • PEC Standard: 5 euros + VAT per year. The PEC box purchased will have 1GB space and can also be accessed from smartphones and tablets through the Aruba PEC Mobile app, which can be downloaded free of charge for Android and iOS devices.
  • PEC Pro: 25 euros + VAT per year. The PEC box purchased may have 2GB storage space and 3GB are offered as an archive. The PEC service offered by Aruba can also be used via smartphones and tablets.
  • PEC Premium: 40 euros + VAT per year. In this case you buy a 2GB PEC box and 8GB of storage space. All tariff plans offered by Aruba include the use of the PEC from mobile via the app for Android and iOS.

If you wish to activate a PEC account using the service offered by Aruba, you must go to its official website and purchase the tariff plan that best reflects your needs.


An equally valid alternative service that I would like to recommend is the one offered by Tnotice. This is the possibility to register for free to be able to use a Webmail system that allows the sending of a registered letter in electronic form.

This service, which operates similar to a PEC, has full legal value; moreover, unlike a PEC (which requires the subscription of an annual fee), Tnotice allows you to pay the emails sent individually. The price of a certified email sent through this service is 1,50 €, regardless of the attachments sent.

By registering through its official website it is possible to try the service: the first email invites is free. As for the certifications, by sending an email to a PEC address through this service, tNotice will certify the date and time of the sending, the receipt, the signature certifying the receipt and also the content of the communication. I therefore think it is an excellent service to use when needed.

How to activate Certified Email

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