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    Ranking of the best Windows 10 antivirus: the word of the experts

    One of the main actions you need to perform as soon as you buy a new device is to check if it is sufficiently protected. A computer without antivirus it's like a safe with the door open. The risk that the device is attacked by some form of malware is in fact very high.

    This is true for private individuals, but especially for companies, favorite sacrificial victims of cyber pirates. In fact, according to a study conducted by Check Point Software Technologies, a company specializing in cyber security, 2017 will be a black year for many companies. It is therefore very important to choose the most suitable protection software. The market offers numerous solutions to rely on, but which is the right one? Is Windows Defender enough? An answer could come from the German institute AV TEST, who managed to draw up a ranking on the best antivirus for Windows 10.

    The AV-TEST ranking: the best results

    (Taken from YouTube)

    The German company has taken into account some of the antivirus most used mainly in business and have been tested on the latest version of Windows 10. Second the results published by AV-TEST, the only two software that have managed to get the maximum score are stati Bitdefender Endpoint Security e Kaspersky Small Office Security. The areas on which the tests were concentrated were three: protection, performance and usability. The two programs achieved the highest score in all three categories. With 17 points (18 is the maximum) 4 other antivirus follow: Symantec Endpoint Protection, Trend Micro Office Scan, ThirtysevenXNUMX Endpoint Security and yet another Kaspersky product, Endpoint Security.

    The worst antivirus

    In the ranking of AV TEST, Microsoft's System Center Endpoint Protection scored 15 points out of 18. A result that ranks it somewhere between the best and worst security software. As can be seen in the study of the German company, the program that achieved the lowest score was Sophos Endpoint Security and Control. The antivirus in fact only had 14,5 of score: 5 points for protection, 3,5 in the performance area and 6 in the usability category.


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    Ranking of the best Windows 10 antivirus: the word of the experts

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