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    Update Windows 10, fixed dozens of problems: here's what

    Update Windows 10, fixed dozens of problems: here's what

    Microsoft has released a optional upgrade for Windows 10 which fixes many of the problems users have encountered in recent months, especially after installing the May update. After installing it, many users have started reporting various problems and malfunctions: Microsoft has written everything down and finally seems to have decided to fix them. The The codename of the optional update is KB4568831 and through the Microsoft support page you can understand all the changes that have been made.

    The update is very important especially for all users who had encountered any compatibility issues between Windows 10 May 2020 Update and some computer drivers. By installing this update you will be prepared for another update that will be released on August 11th and which will remove all compatibility limits between Nvidia, Intel and Realtek drivers. Also resolved the disruptions caused by the May update to some LTE modems that did not allow the PC to connect to the Internet. The optional update KB4568831 it is available on Windows Update or can be downloaded from Microsoft's update catalog on the Internet.

    Windows 10, the update arrives that solves all the problems

    An update that has been expected for a couple of weeks, but which, due to the pandemic, has arrived a bit late. Microsoft finally seems to have made up its mind to solve most of the problems that emerged in the last few months after the May update release and the two subsequent security updates (June and July).

    The update in question is identified with the code KB4568831 and it is optional. In the update patch notes it is very carefully explained which are the main interventions made by Microsoft. First of all, the developers worked to solve one of the most long-standing problems of recent months: the lack of compatibility between Windows 10 May 2020 Update and some driver Nvidia, Intel e Realtek which made it impossible to install the core update. With this optional update, users will be ready to receive a further update expected for 11 August and which will resolve the issue definitively.

    Continuing to go through the patch notes, it turns out that Microsoft has also fixed another rather important malfunction that made it impossible for some PCs to connect to the Internet via the LTE modem.

    Those who had had some disruptions with Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection that prevented its correct use, will be able to solve them by installing this update. But not only. Some features of Microsoft's security app are also improved.

    Who is the optional Windows 10 update for?

    As we have already explained, the update is optional and is aimed at all those who after the installation of Windows 10 May 2020 Update they started having problems with their PC.

    How to download the Windows 10 update

    KB4568831 update it can be downloaded from Windows Update, checking if it is already available. Otherwise, you can manually download the update from the Update Catalog on the Microsoft website.

    Update Windows 10, fixed dozens of problems: here's what

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