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    Broken iPhone X: a clumsy person has already dropped it, on video

    The first broken iPhone X has appeared on video on the internet! Marketed since Friday, November 3, 2017, it fell the day before, from the hands of a clumsy Chinese worker. He and his colleagues were preparing for the official launch of Apple's latest smartphone at their retail store in China. Luckily for him he hadn't bought it, because the price of repairing the iPhone X screen is particularly high!

    Here it is, the very first iPhone X broken. In this audiovisual media, we discover the latest Apple smartphone completely cracked after a clumsy did it fall. The clip was reportedly shot at a retail store in China on Thursday, November 2, 2017, hours before the official iPhone X launch.

    A clumsy person has already dropped the iPhone X and broke it, in video

    In the images below, filmed in a retail store in China, the iPhone X is broken, but still on. The front and back glasses are covered in cracks, but it still seems to work. The iPhone X uses the same glass material as the iPhone 8, which is considered the hardest and most durable for a smartphone, but you have to remember that glass is still glass and if it falls, there is a high risk of it breaking!

    In the aftermath, buyers of the iPhone X have posted photos and videos of this kind on social networks, showing the new model cracked, even completely broken, after an unfortunate fall! For them, the pill may be more difficult to pass because, after having paid the high price of the iPhone X, relativized by Tim Cook who compares it to that of a coffee a day, they will have to pay more 300 euros to replace their screen! Find out the condition of the iPhone X that was in the hands of this clumsy person.

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