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How to activate Office Home / Professional

You have decided to buy the "standard" version of Office - that is to say, Office Home & Students or Office Professional Plus - and would you like to know how to activate it? In this case, to register your copy of Office, all you have to do is follow a simple wizard with which to use the product key: the 25-character alphanumeric code present on the package of the suite or in the email that was sent to you (if you purchased a digital copy), which is used to activate Office.

If you have not yet installed the Office suite on your PC, connect to this page, log in to your Microsoft account (or create one if necessary), enter the code product key in the appropriate text field (as I told you, the product key is the alphanumeric code of 25 characters that you find in the Office package or in the email relating to the online purchase of the suite), select yours paese and yours language from the special drop-down menus and press on the button NEXT. Now all you have to do is press the buttons NEXT e Download now and follow the wizard to install your already active copy of Office.

If Office is already installed on your PC (but it has not yet been activated), instead, start one of the programs included in the package (eg. WordExcel), presses the button Fillet located at the top left, select the tab Account from the sidebar located on the left of the screen and click on the item Change Product Key, which is found under the heading Product activation required (on the right).

Now, make sure you are connected to the Internet, type the product registration code in the window that opens and wait for the validation of the product key. If everything went well and the code is recognized correctly, you will see the wording Activated product just below the Office logo.

How to activate Office 365

If you want to subscribe to the service Office 365, on the other hand, connected to the Microsoft site, presses the button For the House and then choose whether to activate a plan 365 Office Staff at 7 euros / month or a plan Office 365 Home at 10 euros / month (can be used free of charge for 30 days without any obligation to renew), by clicking on the green button Buy it now I will continue.

Now, log into your Microsoft account (if you don't have one, create it now, perhaps with the help of the guide I just linked to), select the payment method (Eg. credit card, prepaid card, PayPal, etc.) that you want to use to pay for the Office 365 subscription using the form on the page that opens and presses on Save e NEXT. To confirm the purchase of Office 365, then, presses on the buttons Buy Now e Continue, so as to find yourself in the management panel of your account, and press the button Install twice in a row to start the suite download.

Su Windows, open the package .exe you got, press the button Yes and wait for the Office applications to be downloaded and installed on your PC. Then, press the button Close, start an application included in the package (eg. Word o Excel), log in to your Microsoft account (if necessary) and accept the terms of use of Office to activate the suite by pressing the button Accept and start [program name].

Su MacOSinstead, open the file pkg you got, presses the buttons Continue (twice) e Acceptselect il disco destination of the suite, click on the buttons Continue e Install and type the Password Mac administration tool to complete the setup. Now, start one of the applications included in the package (ex. Word), pigia sui bottoni Start e Log in, log in to your Microsoft account to activate Office and, after setting the graphic theme you prefer, press the button Start using [program name].

Office should now be activated. If you want to make sure that this is the case, press the button Fillet located at the top left (after opening one of the suite applications), select the item Account from the sidebar located on the left and check the activation status under the Office logo on the right (the wording should be present Subscription product).

What to do in case of problems

Although you have scrupulously followed the steps I have just indicated, have you still not managed to activate your copy of Office? Does the product key you entered appear to be invalid? If you are experiencing these or any other problems, I recommend that you contact Microsoft to resolve the situation.

In some cases (especially regarding the activation of a version of Office purchased online), in fact, there may be activation problems Microsoft products, usually resolvable by telephone activation. To do so, call the toll-free number +800 531 042 XNUMX and follow the instructions given to you by the guide voice.

At the time of writing, after having dialed the toll-free number in question, to go to the Office product activation menu, you must dial the following number: press the key 1 or il tasto 2 to choose whether to record the call or not and then press the key 2 to activate Office for Mac or the key 3 for other Office products and follow the instructions provided by the guide menu to complete the activation procedure by entering the product key in your possession. Please note, however, that the numerical combination I have just indicated could be changed by Microsoft at any time: therefore, carefully follow the instructions provided by the guide, so as to avoid problems.

If you are unable to solve the problems regarding the activation of Office using the procedure I have just indicated, consult this page on the official Microsoft website: there you will find other information that will certainly help you to solve the problems and doubts found. If you still can't figure out the problem, contact Microsoft through one of the available support channels and explain the issues encountered.

How to activate Office

Frequently asked questions and answers

Activate Office by logging in with a Microsoft account.
If we notice your Microsoft account, we will display it on this screen.
After logging in, the product will be added to your Microsoft account, so that you can return to install it later or register the new subscription without a product key.

Type the product key of Office two thousand nineteen We will look for your Office" and we will see that we are asked to write the product key in a box.
This key is composed of five blocks of five digits and, to fill it, we must have a license of Office two thousand nineteen, if we do not have it yet, we can acquire it now.

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