How to disable TIM's Call Now

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Deactivate TIM's Call Now via telephone

The simplest method for turn off Call Now in TEAM is to use your mobile phone: the only two requirements are to have inserted the SIM on which you are interested in disabling the service and to have available a credit, even a minimum, to initiate a phone call. Don't worry, the latter is just a precaution, as the call you need to make is absolutely free.

That said, let's get to the action: First, open the dialer of your mobile phone, that is the area from which to manually dial a phone number, by first pressing the icon in the shape of handset placed in drawer di Android or in the Home Screen dell 'iPhone and then selecting the small button in the shape of keypad.

Once this is done, dial the number 40920 of TIM (which, I repeat, is absolutely free), wait for the call to be started and follow the instructions of the voice guide to complete the operation. When I write the article, after having listened to the introductory message, you must first press on button 0 and then on button 1 to confirm the deactivation of TIM's ChiamaOra and LoSai services.

In any case, I still advise you to pay close attention to the instructions provided, as the sequence of numbers to be typed may be subject, over time, to slight changes. Once the call is finished, you will receive an informative SMS notifying you of the positive outcome of the operation you have just requested.

Keep in mind that, in the case of SIM replacement or portability request with simultaneous activation of the ChiamaOra service, the latter will be enabled both on the temporary number (the SIM on which the transfer or portability will take place) and on the old SIM waiting for retirement: consequently, you will have to request the deactivation of ChiamaOra and LoSai of TIM for both cards in your possession, in order to avoid incurring unexpected costs.

Deactivate TIM's Call Now via PC

If for some reason you do not have a telephone available or you are unable to make calls, you can deactivate TIM's ChiamaOra and LoSai services through the operator's web portal. To begin with, after connecting to the service's website, click on the button MyTIM located at the top right and enter your personal login credentials in the boxes proposed.

How do you say? Haven't signed up to the MyTIM portal yet? You can remedy this "problem" in a few minutes: always from the operator's Internet page, click on the button MyTIM e premium pulsating Subscribe in the proposed box. Once this is done, you need to enter thechosen e-mail address (which will become your username) and one Password personal, you have to press on NEXT and you must provide yours telephone number. Then press up again NEXT and complete the registration process by following the on-screen instructions.

Once logged into the MyTIM account, click on the tab MyTIM Mobile, by your complaint Services and, on the next page, identify the item LoSai and ChiamaOra by TIM. The game is practically done: click on the button vai placed next to the aforementioned item, wait for the next box to open and press the button disable located at the bottom right. Also in this case, you will receive a confirmation SMS regarding the deactivation of the service. That's all!

Reactivate TIM's Call Now

If you have come this far, it means that you have understood perfectly how to disable TIM's Call Now and avoid paying for a service that, for the moment, you do not consider necessary, however you are wondering how to move in case you want to retrace your steps and take advantage of this possibility at a later time.

Nothing simpler! All you have to do, in this case, is to repeat the procedures described above: if you intend to act via the telephone, simply dial the number 40920 and follow the instructions of the voice guide to activate the service again (again, you may have to simply press the keys 2).

The same goes for the reactivation of the service via the Internet: once logged into the account MyTIM Mobile, once again presses on the card Servicesclick on your button vai matching to the riquadro LoSai and ChiamaOra by TIM and then click on the button Attiva.

In case of problems

In case you have problems during the procedures described above or if you are unable to obtain the desired result, I recommend that you get in touch with a TIM operator and expose your problem to the latter: you can do this either by calling the 119 that through the social channels Twitter and Facebook of the manager. The assistance service is active 7 days a week.

If you need more information about it, I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to talk to a TIM operator, in which I explained in detail all the steps to take to talk to TIM Customer Care through the various available channels.

How to disable TIM's Call Now

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