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    Microsoft announces the new Windows 10 2H20 update

    Microsoft announces the new Windows 10 2H20 update

    Many users have not yet received the Windows 10 May update, but Microsoft already announces the next six-monthly update, the Windows 10 20H2 (2020, second half). Unlike what many thought, however, the news announced are few.

    According to Microsoft, in fact, the next six-monthly update will have to do above all with quality. Which, translated in layman's terms, means that Microsoft will proceed to fix small and big bugs and to file some features to make the experience of using Windows 10 smoother and more pleasant. The news that will not be introduced with the second 2020 update, therefore, already seem more numerous than those that will be. A first beta version of this update has already been released on 16nd June to users registered in the “Beta Channel“, ie the former “Slow Ring” of the Windows Insider Program.

    Windows 10 20H2: how it will not be

    Waiting for Microsoft to formalize the new features of Windows 10 20H2 we can already imagine which ones will not be introduced. For example, the new File Explorer, with larger icons, more space between elements and many of the current hidden elements, is not expected to make its debut with this update. The same goes for the new "Fluent Design", of which only a few icons have been seen at the moment. new Start menu without Live Tiles.

    Windows 10 20H2: when it arrives

    As mentioned, one first beta version of Windows 10 20H2 is already being distributed among beta testers. A more complete and closer to the final version may arrive within a few weeks. Microsoft, in any case, confirms that it does not intend to change its policy of distribution of updates (official and beta), but that it will continue to "learn and adapt" to improve the process based on user feedback.

    Windows 10 20H1 is a fiasco

    In the meantime, however, the reports of problems deriving from theWindows 10 20H1 installation (2020, first half, commonly known as May Update) grow day by day. First the problems with the printers appeared, then confirmed also for printing on Pdf files. Problems were subsequently reported to the graphical interface, which was changed to that for tablets. Finally, a nasty bug popped up: Windows keeps asking the user to optimize the disk, telling him that he must also defragment an SSD disk.

    Microsoft announces the new Windows 10 2H20 update

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