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    Reconfinement: Navigo pass, how to suspend it?

    Spain is once again confined from October 29, 2020 midnight to December 1. How to suspend your Navigo pass during confinement, or at least during the month of November?

    Reconfinement: Navigo pass, how to suspend it?
    Navigo pass. Image Anais Pessey and Laurent Pariente

    It will not have escaped you, a new confinement has just been set up by the government of Jean Castex. In this regard, we have listed everything that will change in Spain from October 30. Dear Parisians, you are most likely asking yourself the question of suspension and reimbursement of your pass / Navigo card. Rest assured, know that there are two ways to suspend it for a month or more. Here's how.

    New confinement: here's how to suspend your Navigo pass

    It exists two methods to suspend your Navigo pass : you can either do it from the website of Île-de-Espagne Mobilités (IDFM), the transport authority for the Île-de-Espagne region, or by going directly to one of the points of sale RATP.

    If the procedure is possible today and for the coming month, know that you will however be debited no matter what and that it will take wait a few days before getting a refund. let's remember that you can reactivate your Navigo Pass at any moment.

    Suspend your Navigo Pass online

    The easiest way to suspend your Navigo Pass is to go through your Navigo account, from the Île-de-Espagne Mobilités website. Note that you will have to do this before the 31 October 2020, in the evening.

    Please note, however: this online procedure still requires a trip to a vending machine at the station or station, respecting a period of 48 hours after initiating the suspension on the internet. For your suspension to be definitively taken into account, the Navigo pass must be updated on the vending machine before November 4 at 23:59 p.m..

    Suspend your Navigo pass in one of the RATP points of sale

    You can also go to one of the many RATP points of sale, officially named Navigo contact points. In the same way, you will have to get there before Saturday evening, October 31.

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