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    The ultimate Gaming Setup is in this video, look no further

    It's kind of every gamer's dream, to have a crazy gaming setup in a dedicated room, an ultimate game room where you can enjoy your passion for video games as you see fit, on all media and with the best material! This is exactly what the youtubeur UrAvgConsumer presents in this video.

    The ultimate Gaming Setup is in this video, look no further

    UrAvgConsumer tests high-tech products of all kinds for its 782 subscribers. Brands don't hesitate to send him products and over time, he has built up a pretty nice little collection that is enough to make 000% of gamers jealous. His equipment is simply mind-blowing, and we find out in this 17-minute video.

    Whether you have a preference for consoles or the PC, there is something for everyone. With its 4K JDR Samsung KS8500 TV, its Sonos Play soundbar and its three consoles just below, we can't say that this is a configuration within everyone's reach. And again, that's just “console space”. If we hide the portable machines and the seat with the integrated speakers, there is still the PC part.

    A small machine equipped with the best graphics card of the moment, or rather two, the GeForce GTX 1080 in SLI. On the desk, there is an Oculus Rift headset and three Acer Predator X34 screens. Oh yes, he also has a small room where he stores his collection of the best gaming headsets he's been able to test in recent years.

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    In short, a nice little room with gear worth thousands of euros. Attention to detail is also provided with a fairly successful lighting system equipped with Philips Hue bulbs and JBL speakers connected to an Amazon Echo for voice control. The story does not tell us if he has time to enjoy all his toys, but we are willing to go and have a snack at his place to play for a few hours.

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