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    Surfshark VPN celebrates Black Friday early with a €1,91/month offer

    This year, Black Friday starts early at Surfshark, which has decided to draw its offer from the beginning of November. The VPN provider offers us its two-year subscription at 1,91 euros per month, with three additional months offered.

    With the increasingly important part of the Internet in our lives, the protection of privacy and personal data has become a real issue. In order to ensure this protection, and in addition to the application of good practices when browsing the net, VPNs are the tools of choice. This is the case of Surfshark, a premium VPN provider that stands out thanks to its services ranked among the best on the market.

    This November, Surfshark has decided to celebrate Black Friday early with a tempting offer. In order to access all the services of the VPN provider for two years, you will have to pay only 1,91 euros per month. Better, Surfshark offers you 3 months of additional subscription for any subscription.

    Discover the two-year Surfshark subscription at 1,91 euros per month

    Why choose Surshark?

    An infrastructure that promotes privacy

    Created in 2018, Surfshark quickly stood out for the quality and security of its infrastructure. With more than 3200 servers in 65 countries around the world, the company was able to pass the security audit carried out by the independent firm Cure35 with flying colors in its first year.

    Surfshark stands out with a strict policy of not logging the personal data of its users. To do this, it can count on two strong assets:

    • the use of 100% RAM servers which, by their nature, can only store ephemeral data;
    • its location in the British Virgin Islands, a country that does not oblige to keep the logs of its users.

    One of the best platforms to bypass geoblocks

    Currently, Surfshark is positioned as one of the most effective VPNs when it comes to circumventing geoblocks. If the provider does not have servers dedicated exclusively to streaming, its servers still allow you to enjoy the catalogs of foreign SVoD platforms without restriction, and in the best possible quality.

    Surfshark also does wonders when it comes to bypassing geoblocks from an extremely protective country. Its Shadowsocks protocol coupled with the NoBorder function thus makes it possible to access services banned from certain countries, such as Instagram or Google in China for example.

    One subscription to protect all your devices

    One of the advantages of Surfshark is undoubtedly its unlimited access. A simple subscription can indeed be used on all the devices of your choice at the same time. To take advantage of it, nothing very complicated. Simply download and connect to one of the many applications available, on smartphones, computers and even browsers.

    And if you ever have the slightest problem, you can always count on extremely responsive and accessible customer service, including in Spanish thanks to an automatic translation tool.

    Ultra-fast servers and pop-up cookie blocker: the Surfshark offer is evolving

    In order to offer one of the best user experiences, Surfshark is constantly evolving its service offer, whether by improving its infrastructure or adding new features. During the month of October, the provider added an extension to block cookie pop-ups and improve the speed of its servers in many countries.

    Many sites, when you visit them for the first time, ask you to accept their cookies before you can even access their content. That's why Surfshark has developed a cookie pop-up blocker, an extension for your browser that will get rid of those annoying pop-ups. Depending on the site, this blocker may simply block the process, or accept the installation of cookies for you, to let you browse as you please.

    Second novelty, and not least, Surfshark has started a campaign to replace its 1 Gb/s servers with 10 Gb/s servers. What significantly increase the flow in the regions concerned, and avoid congestion phenomena. At the moment, 12 of the 65 countries in which Surfshark has servers are affected. Among them, the USA, Canada, but also Spain, Japan and Germany.

    The Surfshark subscription in a nutshell

    Having quickly risen to become one of the best VPN providers available on the market, Surfshark VPN stands out thanks to an extremely aggressive pricing policy and more than satisfactory services. As a reminder, the Surfshark subscription allows you to benefit each month from:

    • More than 3200 servers scattered in 65 countries;
    • A very effective circumvention of geoblocks;
    • The ability to use Surfshark's services on all your devices without restriction;
    • AES 256 data encryption;
    • A strict no-log policy.

    As Black Friday approaches, Surfshark invites you to discover its two-year subscription at 1,91 euros per month, or 51,50 euros in all. By choosing to take advantage of this offer, you will also get three additional months of subscription for free. Note that Surshark also offers a full refund policy for 30 days in case of dissatisfaction.

    Discover the two-year Surfshark subscription at 1,91 euros per month
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