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    Use Firefox and Chrome (Android) with Chromecast

      Use Firefox and Chrome (Android) with Chromecast With the Chromecast you can watch videos from your PC on TV, even in streaming from the Chrome browser.
      The same thing can also be done by broadcasting on TV, via Chromecast, da uno smartphone or tablet Android using the Chrome browser and, from now on, also with Firefox.
      The latest version of Firefox for Android has indeed added the support for TV broadcasting of videos visible on the internet from your mobile phone, with Chromecast o con Roku, un apparecchio simile, ma meno diffuso in el paese.

      Using Chrome your Android, when you open the web page of a streaming video, after starting playback and having the TV on with the Chromecast already configured, just touch the Chromecast button to see it on TV.
      This button appears only when you open the video in full screen on your mobile or tablet.
      NOTA: Su uno smartphone Android si può comunque trasmettere qualsiasi cosa in TV con Chromecast usando il tasto Trasmetti che si trova nella lista di interruttori (strisciare dall'alto verso il basso il dito sullo schermo ed espandere i pulsanti in alto).
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      Con Firefox su Android instead it is even simpler.
      If the smartphone is already connected to the Chromecast and ready to broadcast, by opening a web page with a streaming video, you can see it on TV by starting playback and then tapping the Chromecast button located in the player control bar at the bottom to the left.

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