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    Windows 10, a new bug puts computers in danger

    Windows 10, a new bug puts computers in danger

    New problems for Windows 10 and this time they concern two features dedicated to the safety of users from virus and hacker attacks: Windows Sandbox e Windows Defender Application Guard. Most likely these are tools that few people know or use, but which have been specially developed by Microsoft to make users' computers safer. In recent days, many report that they are unable to open these two tools: when they try to log in, these two error messages “ERROR_VSMB_SAVED_ STATE_FILE_NOT_FOUND (0xC0370400)" or "E_PATHNOTFOUND (0x80070003)" appear.

    Microsoft said it was aware of the malfunction and was already working to release a patch to fix it as soon as possible. For the moment you can use a workaround that does not solve the problem, but only gets around it: restart your PC. Microsoft has also compiled the list of versions of Windows 10 affected by this problem: Windows 10 1903, 1909 and 2004. So even those who have updated their PC to the May 2020 Update have this kind of problem. It is not yet clear from which update the malfunction started appearing, but it is almost certainly a rather recent thing.

    What are Windows Sandbox and Windows Defender Application Guard

    Windows Sandbox and Windows Defender Application Guard are two security tools that Microsoft added fairly recently on Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise. They both have a common goal: secure users' PCs from any hacker attacks from viruses. But what are they specifically?

    Windows Sandbox is a virtual machine that the user can use to start any software that is suspected and that hides viruses or malware. If there is a virus in the program, starting it in the virtual machine will not infect the computer and possibly the corporate network.

    Windows Defender Application Guard is a function designed especially for the IT department of a company. Thanks to this tool it is possible to create a list of trusted websites on which users can connect.

    How to fix the new Windows 10 problem

    Microsoft has assured that it is a knowledge of the problem and that we are already working to fix it with a patch that will arrive in the coming weeks. In the meantime, however, users can use a workaround which temporarily resolves the malfunction: just restart your computer.

    Windows 10, a new bug puts computers in danger

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